Simple 1939 setup variant for Global 1940?

  • I noticed three typos :lol: France should have 19 not 17 IPCs in global.  ANZAC : Sea Zone 64 1 cruiser should be Sea Zone 62. UK : Sea Zone 15: 1 destroyer should be Sea Zone 51: 1 destroyer.  They are all fixed now.

    Sean, how does Russia upgrade its minor factory just by using 2 infantry or a tank?!???
    I tried your version and the Axis won pretty fast.

    Sorry for taking so long to get back!

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    They upgrade the factory with their initial money and then buy either a tank or 2 infantry. sorry about the typo.
    I could see Axis winning fast if you don’t position right.
    I used a bomber strategy with USA. Did you do any SBR with USA on Germany?

  • I played as Japan, but the U.S. was the best player in our group. France fell G1 which was not what I intended, and Germany went all out on Sea Lion.  London fell and the Americans had a hard time on both fronts.  Allies surrendered after around 8 rounds.  I felt that,  aside from personal preferences (like making it possible to take France turn 1), your version was good but made it slightly too good for the Axis.  The general agreement at my table is that my version is too hard on the Axis and your version is to easy on them.  It appears I need to work on this further…

  • Me and my buddies were playing the global version of this and we simply can’t win with the axis, granted we’ve only played 4 times with this setup but each time the axis got blown out of the water even when the best player in our group used them. We think were playing this version right but not really sure with how the games have gone.

  • You have a problem. Anyone invading Poland would legally drag France and UK at war with aggressor.

  • My apologies for not getting back to you guys for so long.  This version is extremely outdated.  We have been leisurely working on this for a long time now.  I will release a new topic, compete with new setup and slightly modified political situation once we have this 1939 version balanced.  We still have serious issues to deal with.  One thing we have recently come up with is a new turn order:
    Soviet Union
    United Kingdom
    United States

    Once again, I apoligize for leaving you all in the dark, but this has been our most difficult project so far aside from the 1943 setup (this has so many flaws, I doubt I will ever release it).  Once the new 1939 is perfected, it will be released under house rules.  Keep an eye out; we will try to be finished before the summer is out.

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    there it is : )

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    Charles de Gaulle,

    Is this project of creating a 1939 setup complete or still ongoing?

    Poland: Attacking Poland by Germany / Italy gives UK/France the option to immediately DOW on the aggressor. To me, it’s important to keep the official start of WW2 along historical line. To make that work through the game’s mechanics, Russia can only attack E. Poland after securing Vyborg, Baltic States, and Bessarabia; then Russia is PERMITTED to attack E. Poland on R3 IF Germany HAS NOT already attacked Poland. The reason being is that the Allies thought they might end up going to war against Russia. If Russia attacked Poland first, who knows, maybe they would have declared war on Russia. Let’s not make the Mod too much of an alternate history persuasion. Interestingly enough, UK and France, sent troops contingents to support Finland as did German volunteers go there. Russia didn’t attack Poland until 16 days after Germany invaded and the Polish Army was pretty much overran. This created a situation in limbo where the Allies were at war with Germany because it invaded Poland, but not at war with Russia, although believed Russia to be an enemy.

    Canals: I would ask that this G39 Mod permit neutral powers to move through canals for a transfer fee of 2 IPCs. As Italy, I would not necessarily send more troops to the Horn of Africa, but how did they get there in the first place? Denying access through a canal to a neutral nation is an aggressive act and almost a de facto DOW. Additionally, I’m not sure there is any historical evidence to show that the UK ever did this. German ships did pass through the Panama canal paying whatever the going port fees were. Japan of course could not get to the Panama Canal due to standing OOB rules.

    Straits: No restrictions or payments should be in place to permit a neutral passing through. That rule never made sense to me. To stop a ship is basically saying we will open fire on you if you do not stop. I think passage points in straits, no matter how narrow, are often deemed international waters (not sure on this). Now once at war, then normal OOB rules should apply because controlling the straits implies significant fortress like coastal artillery gun positions.

  • Ichabod,
    This project is finished.  I left a link on the first post to the latest version.  All the rules you need to play are from 1940 or specified with the setup.  Countries like Poland are simply made pro–allies.  Although this is 1939, it is only suppossed to be a one turn rewind of 1940.  To faciiliate blitzkreig, Germany can take Poland, Denmakr, Norway, and Holland/Belgium before the Allies can react.  France is suppossed to fall turn two.

    As for Russia, it can take all the territories you mentioned.  (See the politicial situation changes).  All other rules are left as OOB because I want this to be a generic setup that people can customize as they want.

    Europe 1939 is finished, and I will get the Pacific and Global finalized soon.

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