Setup charts and order of play

  • I have the large board from HBG and these rules are for that board. I have taken the set up charts out and started the game in January 1939. 1 round of play is 1 month. War can’t be declared on any country until September 1939. Each country buys units and places them on the board in their own territories. Order of play has been taken out and a roundel of each country is placed in a hat or bag and one is pulled out and it is that countries turn. Continue until all roundels are pulled and that’s one round. This brings back “Surprise Attacks” to the game and takes away the planning of 2,3 moves ahead. Remember “Over come and Adapt”. Plans in WW2 rarely went as planned. I have played several games this way and no 2 games are alike. Also, this game won’t be over in one day of play.
    Starting IPC’s are a issue right now. I’ll get back with numbers, doing research on military production during WW2.

  • interesting might give this a try

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