SBR defending fighter 2nd edition

  • Hey… Basic question…just need a clarification!

    On Page 17 of Europe,2nd paragraph.

    Any number of defending fighters based in a territory that is about to be strategically and/or tactically bombed
    can be committed to participate in the defense of that territory’s facilities as interceptors, whether or not there
    are attacking fighter escorts. The number of defending fighters that will intercept is decided by the owning
    after the attacker’s Combat Move phase is completed and before the Conduct Combat phase begins.
    These fighters cannot participate in other battles during that turn, including a battle in the territory in which
    the bombing raid is occurring.

    I Bolded the part I would like to make sure is right.

    1. If you are the player who has in coming SBR, can you choose to use Friendly fighters too in your territory? If so, you as the team decide who to kill off if the enemy Escorts hits any of the defending fighters?

    2. If you can use your friendly Fighters in No.1 example, your friendly fighters can still be used in the future turn of that Round?

    Thanks BH

  • Book asumes that every country is played by a different player!!

    So if you Own a fighter in a zone that is bombed you can chose to scramble it.
    You cannot force other players to scramble but ofcourse you can ask them. If you play multiple countries you get to deside for each country if you want to scramble and how many.

    That fighter can be used later in your turn again to fight ( if it survives ).
    Think of it like being attacked in a country, those units defend now but you can still use them in your turn.

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