• I have a question about defending submarines.
    The attacking player launched an amphibious assault with only one defending submarine in the sea zone.
    The attacking player has 3 fully loaded transports, one submarine, and one destroyer
    the defender has one submarine
    the attacker misses with both sub and Destroyer
    the defender rolls a one and hits attacking Sub
    The attacker misses again with the destroyer
    The defender hits on a one again and sinks the destroyer.

    This leaves just the sub and the three transports in the sea zone.

    My question is: what happens to the transports?

    1. are they destroyed with all cargo lost?
    2. can they retreat or cancel the amphibious invasion?
    3. can they ignore the sub and continue to offload

    Although these are very unlikely dice rolls this is the exact situation our game is in and there is some debate as to how this can be handled. Any insight is greatly appriciated.
    Thank you

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    Hi @commander-jeff

    what game are you playing ?

  • 2022 2021

    @commander-jeff 2, they retreat to One sz Area wherever any of the Transports came from- also the Units stay on the Transports!

  • @barnee
    1940 Global

  • @nolimit
    That makes sense.
    Thank you for your help

  • Official Q&A

    @nolimit said in defending Sub question:

    @commander-jeff 2, they retreat to One sz Area wherever any of the Transports came from- also the Units stay on the Transports!

    To elaborate on this, the transports may retreat to a sea zone from which any of the original attacking sea units entered, so if the destroyer and/or sub actually entered from a different direction than the transports, that sea zone would also be valid for the retreat.

    Also, if none of the sea zones from which any of the attacking units entered were friendly (they all started in enemy-occupied zones) or all of the attacking units were already in the contested sea zone to start with, no retreat would be possible and the transports would be automatically destroyed. Of course, in the latter case the attacking units could combat move out of the sea zone and then back in in order to establish a retreat route, assuming there were an adjacent friendly sea zone.

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