• I’ve won on the 3rd turn of the game. It was a 3 player game. I was Russia, My friend (mark) was UK and USA, and his friend (John) was Germany and Japan. The list of mistakes made on the Axis part would fill a book if the game lasted longer. But after zero combat on G1 and J1, Tank spamming with Germany, Stacking Eastern Europe with every Inf. that could get there and Ukraine with every Tank that could get there as G1 non-combat moves. The game was a gift. At the end of A3 Japan had no fleet exept 2 transports parked off midway. Germany had no airforce. UK and USA D-day forces were starting to form up. Not one UK ship was sunk. R2 was a staffing run on the stack of tanks. Leaving one to hold the territory. G2 he added all german fighters and bombers and moved his g1 tank spam to ukraine. R3 I took Ukraine instead of straffing. his G2 build was all inf. so i had no worry of counter attack. A3 saw the sinking of the Japanese Navy. And the Axis called it quits.

    It was very nice to crush him that fast after John spent an hour telling me and mark how he’s an expert at A&A and was going to crush us. He even went as far as telling me Russia could double there tank AND fighter set up and he would still win. We didn’t but that was the level of confidience he had. We play super cautious for the first two turns waiting to see this grand plan on T3 the Allies saw the iron was hot and struck. We even used the opinional rule of No R1 combat. Honestly it helped more than it hurt.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    LOL What an Idiot…

    Good work showing him up Yavid.

    Shotest games I have played, are G1’s where the player quits after attrocious dice.

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