• I’ve played for the first time A&A 1 month ago, and since ,we’ve been playing 2-3 times a week (on game board), we are recruiting new player each week… Whatever (this intro was simply to state that I’m not a vet, thats why i play VS newbies (I, and the guy who gots the game, are the best in the gang…)

    I had a killer game w/ UK , but how ???

    First turn, i did something i could not do VS people who TRULY knows how to play , made my IC on South Africa, sent backups from India.
    2 Inf /turn on South Africa (with proper USA help, i managed to keep Africa with no trouble)
    I took my Australians off to kick the Japaneese in East Indies (to keep my back eventually on Japs coast), reinforced India

    Then I built my India IC (3 tanks/turn)

    Next, I just blew up Japs on the Asia coast (w/ lucky dices AND the incompetance of the Japs! 😃 )

    Afterward, i made 46 IPC / turn (and more… and more)

    This is something i will maybe never do again (people are getting better and better -so i do!), but, to everyone who sees the UK as a poor guy, i did something I’m proud… dont bash me please, sure you did something more impressive than me…

    Whatever, that was just a killing game by UK

  • But have you rhought out what you would do as Germany or Japan to counter this move?
    Any ideas?

    Keep thinking! New ideas keep a lotta new players and regulars who get in a rut guessing! 🙂

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