• woo hoo…I have just finish my first game of A&A and I won 😄 (all three of us is novice). One of them chose to play Russia, and the other play as UK and Us while I play Axis powers. There is some crucial moments in our game. Round 1, Russia decided to strike East Europe with all of his forces from Cacacus. Therefore, Russia withdrawl after sufering 2 Inf lost with no German casualties. Russia then ended his turn and reenforced his western front with tanks and infanty.

    G1, hehehe…its my turn. I blitz Anglo-Eygpt Sudan with my tank from Libya and moved the Infantry into attack position. This is a very big gamble here (1 Inf and tank vs 1 Inf and tank with no air support). The result, I won without any casualties because the dice liked me :D. Next battle is the UK battleship vs my battleship and one figther in Gibraltar. I lost one plane and destroyed UK battleship. Next battle, North Sea, two of my subs attacked UK battleship and Transport. UK losses its transport and my subs sneaked away.

    B1, UK’s revenge. This commando Infantry unit from Middle East beat the crap out of my defending 1 Inf and tank (I was so shocked. Despite of Inf. die roll of 1 in attack mode, he killed both of my units, and now I hate that dice and make sure i never use it again 😮 ). UK sacked Findland with air units and ended his turn .

    J1, my turn again hehehe…after reading some strategies on this web site, I have decided to gather my forces and crush US forces in China on the first round, harrased the Hawaiian Island with my sub (one enemy transport sunk with no casualties), and bought one IC in Kwangtung and 2 tanks. China is left with one Inf from my last battel.

    I was so glad that I read some strategies from this web site. As for my friends they did a couple deadly mistakes which the game ended up Axis economy win by crushing US in China and the Russians. Japan was able to capture Moscow through India and China, and the Russian forces were strecth far too thin along the western and eastern front (He tried several times to invade Ukaraine and almost succeded). While UK lost Africa to Germany and most of UK’s Navy decimated, India lost to Japan. I wish I could continue playing the game because at the end Japan have 2 carriers with 2 fighter each, 3 battlships, 1 transport with 2 Inf, and 2 subs. The Iron Fleet of Japan. I moved them all togheter so that they could assist one and other. :lol:

  • It sounds like you and your friends had a blast. Good luck in your future A&A games.

  • Cool. It’s fun to win as the Axis 'cuz you know the odds are against you. Sounds like you enjoy taking risks–perhaps you are a natural Axis player?

    I remember my early games fondly because we were so inexperienced, almost anything was possible. I was not online at the time, so had to figure out for myself many of the “basic” strategies. I spent hours staring at the board setup and playing around w/ the pieces before figuring out how to sink the UK fleet T1. It took me many games to figure out how necessary that is! Interaction with more experienced players can really improve your game a whole lot in a short period of time.

    Tell me–how did you handle East/West Europe as Germany in this game? Sounds like you barely moved any units at all! What attacks did you make?


  • @Guest:

    woo hoo…I have just finish my first game of A&A and I won 😄


    This game is great, isn’t it? I’m envious - I don’t even remember my first game! And one of the great things about A&A is that there is so much depth - you will be able to play for years and years and it will just get more challenging… there are some players online that I played with in tournaments back in the 80’s!!! 😮

    We never would have guessed that we would still be playing each other 15 years later from our houses on a computer!

  • Good game. Any time the Axis win is a good one. 😎
    (Naval battles are cool, I see you had plenty of fun with subs (heheh)

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