• Hello my dear Axis&Allies Classic friends,

    Here’s just something that came up today, bridging on Allied transports.

    In the manual it says you can load, let’s say, a tank on your ally’s transport. The allied transport can move to the desired seazone on your ally’s turn and you can unload your tank in your next move.

    However! If your ally’s transport is already in the desired seazone, can your troops use it as a bridge?

    Example: in the UK-seazone there’s a british transport and an americain transport. On the UK mainland there are two british infantry and a british tank. It’s the UK’s turn. Can the infantry and the tank bridge over both transports to Finland-Norway?

    Many thanks in advance amigos!



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    Nope. If using an Allies’ transport loading is considered a full move. Then unloading is another full move. It makes no difference if the Allies’ transport has to move out of the sea zone or not. Even though you do not “see” it the transport still has to move from one shore to another on the transport’s Turn.

    Per the “Rules Clarification” 1991 Page 3

    You cannot use an ally’s transport to bridge your own units in just one turn! Your units can, with permission, board an ally’s transport on your turn. Then, on your ally’s turn, the units are considered “carried across the water.” On your next turn, the units may be unloaded. Just remember, your cargo on board an ally’s transport is always “moved” on your ally’s turn, not on your turn.

  • @andrewaagamer
    Many thanks amigo!

    I kind of realised this but it seemed like a flaw and a cheeky move. In both a good and a bad way, depending who’s using it obviously.




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    no bridging allowed. Forget this idea its illegal

  • @imperious-leader
    Thank you oh glorious leader!

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