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Question about a rule

  • I have a question and I hope this is the right forums to ask, it’s about amphibious assault.

    1. US captured Manchuria and have the navy then outside Japan. Japan itself is not to worry, lot’s of units.
    2. Japan has their (big) fleet just outside and wants to move in, with transports, load up the units in japan, and then launch an assault on Manchuria.

    Is that by the rules? Can you load up units when enemy units is present in the sea zone at all? Where in the rule book can I read about this (I don’t have it on front of me now, that’s why I asked here)

  • Official Answers

    Welcome, Grenland!

    You can’t load transports in a hostile sea zone.  You can read this under the transports unit description on the last page of the rules.

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