• self explanatory. please say why you think what you think and if you want say what you think would be good for the designers to add to help our Mussolini…

  • I’m too lazy for a detailed explanation, but basically, I think italy is a bit underpowered because of the fact that the allies (UK mainly) can relatively easily put a huge wrench in the italian war machine and slow them down indefinately.  The attacks on Torbruk and or SZ97 by uk1 illustrate this very well.

  • I dont know if I’d say Italy is under-powered, more like in a very precarious situation early on. I like this because I think it represents the actual historical situation very closely, and I like a challange  :evil:

    While the UK can cause alot of problems early on, but this isnt always the best bet for the UK, as they will not likely recieve any reenforcments for a while, and the UK maybe better served in the long term by conserving its military might till later in the game. I may just be overly cautious, but I tend to fall back in Africa with the UK till I can land a single knock-out blow to the Italians. While I can see an argument being made that this is best done early, I wait until the home island is secured and i can reenforce the region should things go ary, we know how fcikle the dice gods can be  :wink:

  • I get a confused when I see people state that Italy is too weak.  Whenever I play a game, percentage wise from their start position Italy does better than Germany and places close if not better than Japan.  In round UK1 the UK can inflect some damage on the Italian Med fleet but after that the Italian’s can take out what’s left of the UK fleet.  I don’t ever see Italy having a problem of taking over all of North Africa including Egypt, clearing the Med of all enemy war ships, and controlling 3 of the 4 counties named for that objective by round three.  Italy’s income has gone from 10 IPC’s to over 30 in three moves and no one yet to slow them down till the US comes across the Atlantic.  I either play Italy very good or I suck as the allies trying to stop them.

  • If Germany goes Sea Lion, Italy will thrive. If Germany goes Barbarossa, Italy will most likely slowly halt.

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