Axis Strategy for OOB/Alpha 2 Set-Up (2 Discussions)

  • Recently I was playing a game of axis and allies G-1940 with Out of Box rules and set-up, playing axis; here was the rundown-

    Germany did a black sea strategy, took caucases, traded rostov for 2 turns, plowed over Lenningrad, and got stopped at the gates of moscow. Little pressure from america, a major push from UK, traded holland and Normandy/Berduox for several turns. Average Germany.

    Italy boomed, taking tunesia out of boredom with the 2 inf in lybia, minor IC in egypt, locked down Med. and Northern africa, collecting 29-30 IPCs at the end of the game. Had a couple of mechs, 2 fighters, and a bomber in russia doing a can opener, navy made of 3 transports, 2 DD, both origonal cruisers and battleship, and a sub. Italy was kicking a**.

    Japan… Well I F***'d up with Japan. I built up, but weary of america being in the war too soon, waited till turn 3 to attack. Big mistake. Pacific UK was collecting 27 or so IPCs (due to taking all of the DEI), stack of infantry grew to 20+ in cacutta, didn’t take DEI until turn 3, when I doubled my economy, but america landed in korea and made a Major IC.

    America spent heavily in Pacific, which was Japan’s downfall. The fatal flaw (IMO) of Global. Overall however, I was very pleased with the balance of gameplay.

    In light of this, I found and set up global using Alpha 2 rules. Looking at the board, the balance of power really hasn’t changed too much in my opinion, the mediteranian was changed the most in my opinion, and Japan’s airpower, and all countries airpower for that matter were nerfed. Only Germany got more airpower. I haven’t played it yet, but plan to soon.

    Any help for a first time alpha 2 axis player? Any strategy/advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    I think most of us are playing Alpha+3, it’s better than +2 IMO. However, if you want a complete rule book modified with the alpha+2 rules, PM me with your e-mail address.

  • Alpha +2 is more balanced.  Each strategy had a nice way to counter it, but no single strat was perfect.

  • Ok thanks guys!

    I was a little wearry of jumping straight to alpha 3, simply because the rule changes jump was larger from OOB to Alpha 3, so I decided to go alpha 2 instead. That and alpha 2 (to me) seems more balanced. Just my Op.

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    the new AA Gun, Convoy disruption, and SBR rules are all worth the leap, IMO.

  • You should give A2 a try and then A3 and then make a personal choice as to which you prefer, which version is more balanced for your playstyle.

    For instance if you like to take risks than A3 is better because it rewards sloppy play more than A2(unstoppable sealion/IndiaCrush)

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