Submarine sneak attacks on Transports, Alpha +2

  • According the Alpha +2 rules, subs no longer get a sneak attack shot at unescorted transports. However, now the transports aren’t allowed to unload for an amphi assault in a sea zone containing enemy subs belonging to a power with which they are at war with. unless at one of his warships was also present in the sea zone at the end of the combat phase.

    My question is, does your friendly warship have to escort the transport the whole way? For instance, the sea zone your amphib invading doesn’t have any enemy warships. However, along the way, an enemy sub is in your path. Can the transport unescorted pass through the sea zone containing the enemy sub, on his way to amphib assault the territory, which doesn’t have an enemy warship? Or does there need to be a warship escorting the transport through the sea zone containing the enemy sub?

    I believe the transport can pass through the sea zone containing the enemy sub w/out an escorting warship but just want to make sure.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Official Q&A

    The warship and transport need only end their movement in the same sea zone.  They don’t have to move together.

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