• I will be play testing Alpha+2 global tomorrow . With the following changes . Game is tomorrow at 1pm est. so send me any feedback on these changes.

    Germany - Moved 1 inf. 1 art( with italians there already) from Germany to Libya to represent Rommel.

    Russia - as is

    Japan - moved transport from sz20 to sz 6
                moved cruiser from sz 20 to sz 33
              Removed FIC NO from Japan . Repalced with new US DOW for pacific , US can only declare war end rd 3 or when Japan Attacks a VC in the pacific. Or of course any US territory.

    UK - Removed plane and inf from normandy and placed on England.
          Removed Inf. from France and placed in Normandy (alla Dunkirk)

    Moved carrier from sz 98 to 39 and placed India planes on it. Tac bomber from carrier went to Egypt.
          Destroyer from sz 98 went to sz 91
          Cruiser stays in sz 98
          Transport from sz98 to sz 71

    Italy as is

    US - Changed mexico NO to bonus 5 ipcs for allies controling French north africa and Gibraltar.
    Made Us east/central/west NO 5 instead of 10 and added NO for allies controlling 3 of 5 of the following France , normandy , Southern france, North and south italy.

    France and china unchanged
    Using OOB order of play

  • '10

    Well, just after 1 read, my feeling is that it is a very good set up for Axis: no problem for Italians in the med right from the start, the German NO - 1 land unit in Egy - is now much, much easier to get, Japan can become a monster by round 3.

    If, in your group,  the best players get to play Allies with this setup, this game could be fun. But otherwise, it’s too much axis favored in my opinion.

  • Those are a lot of changes.

    UK loses North Africa pretty quickly with this set up too. Only one ship in the Med means they probably won’t take out any of the italian navy.

  • Uk still has strong enough moves in the med . They can block with ships Italy hitting egypt round 1 . They can eliminate tobruk even if two germans move in . With two ftr , tac, tank , 2 inf, 1 art, 1 mech . They can also reinforce with inf. from south africa . Or hold Egypt and hit Ethiopia with south africans and mech and tac.

    As for Japan they need something to help them out. They lose the 10 ipc from FIC but can quickly start gaining island NOs and ipcs . It has been my expierience in all my global games (about 10+) that japan never gets any of the solomons chain of islands . Unless they crush India.

    The whole suicide carrier aspect of global screws Italy in the med with planes from england being able to fly 5 then land a carrier that will take two hits most likley before they can. Why have a big fleet if it’s gone before you go . With a stronger home defense England can afford to spend some money in Africa.

    I appreciate any and all cooments thaks . I will try to post a round by round . me and my buddy have about 40+ years A+A betwen us . I agree after a re-read that the onus may now be on the allies.

  • Rommel was not in africa till like late 41-42

  • Best thing you could do to represent rommel is give Germany a transport in the Med at setup. So they can get units to Africa turn 2 at the earliest. (Late 1940-Early 1941)

    Dont nerf the US by 10 IPCs, thats such a hinderance. because they arent going to get to France or liberate Tunisia untill at least turn 6 realisticly. Or if you really want to nerf the US that bad, change those NOs. but give them some units to compensate.

    INF on Wake and Midway. Remove the Hawaii transport
    2nd Bomber in Central US
    And add one INF in Eastern US and one to Central US, or add no infantry and give them a destroyer.

  • Thanks for everyones replies.  We got to play test only about 5 turns before I went on vacation.  We ended up giving India a 2nd transport in addition to the above mentioned changes.  Even without an IC in Egypt the british held out fairly well . Italy still took Egypt but southern africa was still pretty strong . The UK India sent one trany + the one from south Africa to destroy the italians in ehtiopia. Then supplied them from south Africa as Egypt fell. Italy owned the med. , most of North africa (US took back morrocco and Gib. in one fell swoop.

    Germany hit Russia on  round 3 hard and by turn 5 had lenningrad , Ukraine. and about 25 tanks headed toawrd moscow. Backed by men mech and 6 tac fighters.

    Japan failed an attack on India but held off the US navy and still had a huge navy herself.  They owned then DEI and all of China . Some of Russia and had a major IC in Kwangsi? (3 pt province).

    The US was heavy atlantic with a many transorts . Germany had a large inf. art, and plane force in France to repel invaders.

    UK was just recovering to rebuild it’s navy . But Russia would probably fall soon .

    All in all the players found it balanced . and we will do more playing .I like the idea of a german tran in the med instead of men .
    I will take in the nerfing US ideas here that have been presnted as well.  Thanks AgaIN FOR ANY AND ALL INPUT.

  • @Jay:

    The UK India sent one trany . [sic]


  • LOL , snuck in as an Morroccan  dancing girl . Not yet familiar with all the abv.

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