• @Cow:

    Naval in Black Sea is funny… Just buy lots of bombers with USA you get there fast, I think East USA to Africa and you can hit it.

    An even funnier build, if it was a legal move (which it isn’t, at least under OOB rules, because they aren’t labeled as SZs), would be to deploy ships on the Global 1940 map board’s completely landlocked bodies of water.  By my count, there are six:

    • The Great Lakes (adjoining the Ontario map territory)

    • Lake Tchad (adjoining the Nigeria map territory)

    • Lake Victoria (inside the Tanganyika map territory)

    • Lake Ladoga (inside the Novgorod map territory)

    • The Caspian Sea (adjoining the Turkmenistan map territory)

    • Lake Baikal (inside the Yakut and Buryatia map territories)

    In addition to not being allowed by the OOB rules, this build would be rather pointless because all those bodies of water are landlocked and are either entirely within one Allied power’s territory, or are bordered by two Allied powers, or are bordered on one side by an Allied power and on the other side by a pro-Allied neutral…so by definition there’s no enemy side anywhere on their shorelines (at least prior to the point where territories start getting captured during play).

  • @Ozymandiac:

    Caspian Sea is allowed  :-)


    Ah, I see.  Thanks for the info.

  • Unfortunately, even if they were legal SZs, all but the Great Lakes and Lake Ladoga would still be illegal because you couldn’t place an IC in an adjacent territory…
    :-D :-D :-D

    However, I did place a massive stack of Soviet Battleships in Lake Baikal one game, it took longer than you might expect for the opponent to notice!!
    :lol: :lol:

  • Somewhat a cheap play, only once or twice has it worked, but if the German player leaves only 4 guys in Berlin or something you can have America take Denmark, then have Britain take Berlin.

    Nice to get those IPCs and it’s a round without Germany building anything even if you do lose 3 British transports in the process.

  • '20 '19 '18 Customizer

    This is exactly how Germany lost in our second game ever. It learned us the devastating effects of can openers  :-D

  • '19 '17 '16

    It’s worked a number of times. In a game I have going now, I only just noticed that USA could build an airbase on Normandy and then pull off the move with the 5 UK fighters there to both block the scramble and attack Berlin.

    A strange move I saw recently, is a detachment of significant numbers of mechanised units to reclaim Norway from the allies, enough that they couldn’t get or even threaten Moscow. Game played out for another 12 rounds  :-(, but the result was never in doubt IMO

  • Not strange per se…I left Italy weakly defended, my buddy did an amphibious with 2 load ed British transports. He probably would have won the battle but the lone fighter scrambled and sunk his unescorted transports off the coast.

  • Also did a huge fleet in the black sea, neutral crush, took Egypt, then floated over to cal cutta prompting my buddy to surrender the capital without a shot fired knowing a 1 2 punch from Germany and Japan was too much. Built naval base on java to race to Sydney before America could reinforce. Japan had 5 carriers fully loaded…3 could arrive with germany at sydney with ground support. Germany and Italy turtled mid to late game. 10 infantry for Italy 20 infantry for Germany…gradually decreasing.

  • An oddity for me today:

    J5 and Japan just took Iraq.

    No one else has touched the middle east due to various reasons.  India is turtled and earning 5 ipcs.  London was taken and some bad roles seriously hindered the UK overall.  U.S. just liberated London and is starting to gather in Pacific (2 turns til at full attack ready)

    So now Japan has Iraq with 5 inf and the SZ has a transport, carrier with 2 planes, a sub, and a cruiser.

    I’m thinking I might put a factory there and be a giant PIA the rest of the game.  Threaten Cairo that way.  Or support my attacks on Russia… about to finish off China.

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