Unloading after retreating from Amphibious assault

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    Say you had a plan to invade Japan with 8 American transports.

    You go in, but you barely fail in the naval fight against the japs.  You haven’t lost any transports in the battle, but there is no point in continuing to attack because they will just die, thus, you retreat.

    Fortunately you moved in from the Soviet far east, and along the coast, so you can retreat back to a “friendly” coastal territory.

    The question is, can you unload the transports that have retreated? Or are the units locked into the transports?

    This was an issue from my last game, and as Japan, I felt that no, you couldn’t unload after retreating.  But there is a good argument to be made, that, maybe you can?

    Thoughts please? And Krieghund? for an official response if possible?

  • Official Q&A

    There’s no need for opinions.  The rules clearly state on page 30 that you can’t unload transports after retreating.

  • @SalothSar:


    Let’s see, Krieghund has deputized me to clarify rules questions while he was gone. I don’t think he did the same for you.

    Salothsar, my posts are more adult-like than yours.

    Sure he has

    I could ask either Krieghund or gamerman01(who was also deputized) to confirm. Additionally, you can look at the G40 FAQ thread to see how many rules questions I have answered.

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