Regarding Paratroopers participating in unsuccessful amphibious assault landings

  • If paratroopers are deployed to an island or coastal territory where an amphibious assault is planned to take place, but then for whatever reason is unsuccessful - either because the attacking transports were destroyed by the coastal defense force or because the transports were retreated prior to this occurring - does the paratrooper drop still take place even though there are no other land units attacking the territory, or are they too retreated back to the airbase they originated from?

  • You can’t retreat from an amphibous assualt it must go through and also you can’t call an amphibous assualt of

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    The drop still occurs, as it was a declared combat move.  If other land units from an adjacent territory are participating in the attack and providing a retreat route, the paratroopers may retreat with them after one round of combat; otherwise, they must fight to the death.

  • Gotta correct you on that Dessert Fox.

    If a naval battle occurs in the sea zone prior to the amphibious assault, then you have the option of retreating your navy as per normal BEFORE any round of fire.  This includes the transports involved.

    If the naval battle is resolved and the land units are offloaded into the hostile territory, THEN they cannot be retreated and are forced to fight it out.

    If you realize in time that your navy is not gonna last against the defending one in that sea zone before the amphibious assault can even go through, you don’t HAVE to sentence your entire navy (transports included) to now certain death.  You declare an amphibious assault assuming that you can win the sea battle, but the sea battle itself can play out just like any other.

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