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    Hey Motc, I didn’t really read much of the other posts but I was thinking you should skip the other sets to 1939-1945, since there is overlap in many of the pieces it wouldn’t be too hard, no?

    Just a thought, I well know how much time these types of project take and how little time there is to dedicate to them.

  • That’s an interesting idea.  Do you know if the new maps are available online?  I’ll have to go check…


  • What’s up Mot new player here.  I wanted you to clarify a rule for me if you got time.  Check out rules clarification started by half-track.  I just posted a question for you.  Thanks

  • Mot, basically there are only two new tanks, a couple of changes to some tanks that are in other sets, renames, country changes, costing changes.  You know the changes better than I do.  See below, I’ve list the ones I know.

    I would suggest only to add the two new tanks and work on set III.  Need some Panzerschreck HELP!!! with the new IS2 tank.  A platoon of Panzerfaust is not enough to kill it.  Defense 7/7 + superior armor.  Even if it’s disrupted the Panzerfaust needs to roll 8 out of 10 to damage.

    Sherman VS 17-Pounder
    Valintine I

    Country change:
    T-26B (same as Chinese T-26)
    M3 Light Tank (same as Stuart)

    Name change:
    M18 GMC (same as M18 Helcat)
    Panzer IV Ausf F2 (same as Panzer IV Ausf. G)

    Other several tanks & Vehicles rocosted

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