Only 2 sets of units in North Africa cases

  • If you haven’t heard the commotion, I’ll fill you in.

    It looks like the unit distribution in the NA cases got messed up (or worse they did this on purpose).  There are apparently only two different distributions of rares.

    In one set (called the Vet Tiger case) you get the command tanks, the Italian rares, the Vet Tiger, the Wespe, etc.

    In the other (called the Bedford) you get ACE fighters, the rare 3 pt UK truck (dont get me started on that one), the Matilda etc.

    So you’ll never guess who got two identical f–king cases.  And I don’t really want to drop 90 bucks for a 50% chance of making it 3.

    I’m so frustrated I could choke somebody.


  • Sorry to hear of your mis-fortune. Keep us posted if you end up selling anything via Ebay. I only purchased 1 booster (which included a rare Veteran Panzer Mk-III) and the North African Map / Scenario pack and was thinking about just going to Ebay for the few particular units or vehicles I might need for scenarios.

    I really hope WOTC isn’t making some deliberate mistake that would sink any hopes of this great game being resurrected.

  • The Veteran Panzer Mk-III is a great tank, that was a good booster!

    Yes, I will be putting alot of the dups up for trade (or sale) I guess.  How many Vet Tigers does 1 person need?

    I’ve got one version 1 Vet Tiger, and now 2 more version 2 Tigers.


  • Mot I just ordered my second case, if it’s a dup I’ll let you know, maybe we can trade a whole case!!!  My first case had the Vet Tiger.

  • Nevermind MOT you got the same exact case as me… and about 10 other people  :? :? :?

  • I got rares

    Vet Tiger
    Vet Pnzr
    Pnzr command tank
    Two Italian tank destoyers
    Italian airplan Macchi
    ME 110

    Hmmm.  missing two, I’m sure you know which ones.

  • Sherman command tank and the Sdkfz something/7 (the huge half-track with a bad-ass set of AA guns on the back).

  • yep thats the other two… what a bunch of bullshit

  • #3 was exactly the same as #1 and #2 :x


    Call AH

  • Already did…I have to fill out a bunch of stuff and include recepts and they will swap my rares.  Still a great big pain in the ass and I wasnt planning on getting 3 cases  😢

  • let us know the outcome

  • I havent looked in detail yet, but I received a replacement set of rares for my dupes.  It looks like they gave me a free boostere to make up for the shipping too!

  • This is the kind of thing that would make me want to try eBay.

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