Here's a newbie's gripes of sets III & IV.

  • You’ve probably heard it all before but here’s my input.  Just bought 1 case and 3 boosters for a total 15 boosters of each Contested Skies and D-day.  The aircraft are a nice addition, just wished certain models like the Stuka were a bit more powerful.  Aircraft scale seems good relative to other aircraft, but a bit small when to most of the ground units.  One thing I do not like is the lack of specific vehicle description cast on the bottom on vehicles in sets III & IV.

    Contested Skies

    1. Flakpanzer is a bit too large when compared to other Panzer IV chassis vehicles in the game
    2. Jagpanzer is too plain.  Where’s the cross?
    3. Got a Panzer IV aust D with a chassis from a SS Panzer aust F
    4. Flak 38 is way too small.  Can you say 3" gun flashback.
    5. Why no regular Romanian infantry?
    6. Comet turret is very disappointing and a step backwards in quality with no independent gun movement
    7. The Japanese armored car is the biggest joke in the game.  It should be the size of a SdKfz 222 at best, yet it towers over a Tiger I!

    No duplicates in the case, but the individuals boosters were all duplicate pulls so i ended up with 2X Char B1-Bis, M4A3 & Chi-Ro. 
    Ended up short the Pershing, M36 MGC and P-51.


    1. The Italian L3/35 is the biggest disappointment for me in this set.  What should be the size of a R-35 or Te-Ke is almost as small as the upcoming Goliath unit!
    2. The Spitfire.  How can that happen when a picture of the correct casting is on the box?  Enough said.
    3. All 3 of my Marder III’s had bent or broken barrels.
    4. Vet Tiger and Hetzer are too plain.  Where are the markings?
    5. Amtrack and Hetzer are a bit too large
    6. Although I did not get one the German 88 looks way too large

    My pulls yielded one duplicate in the case and 3 more duplicates in the individual boosters for 2X Higgins Boat, Churchill AVRE, P-38 & Canadian Sherman DD.  Ended up with no Priest, Bf-110, Jagtiger or German 88.

    The great majority of units in Axis & Allies minis remain nicely done.  If past errors would be addressed  WOTC would gain alot more respect from everyone.

  • You know, the boosters themselves say that the miniatures are NOT to scale.  Yeaaaaaaaaaa, I rest my case.

  • The L3/35 actually is to scale.

    Some, like the Hellcat, Mayor McCheese Mobile, etc are ridiculously large, while others (3" Gun) are tiny. Overall though they do a nice job. Set V is of much better quality than the previous sets, and hopefully WotC will be maintaining that.

  • Founder TripleA Admin

    There are definitely things aspects about the game that are not perfect. But I think the positives outweigh the negatives.

    Compared to other games like it, it’s cheaper, it has a nice rule system, it is customizeable, and games can be as short or as long as you want them

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