• Anyone ever tried setting the map up with six to eight map tiles?
    Maybe playing it as a two or three hundred point game?

    I never have; just wanted some input…

  • i have done that and more, it just gets really tedious. i played one 1000 point game with my buddy, took a whole weekend to finish. by the end we just wanted to be done with it and started having our units just charge at each other. i lost because i ran over 40 M1 garand guys with one of my shermans(that was a house rule we came up with, a tank can run you over and kill you unless you pass your duck and cover roll, but you cant roll a duck and cover roll if you are running over your own guys.  we made our own map for this though, size wise it was about 30 ties the size of one map sheet.

  • Funny, we were talking about using more map tiles at GenCon. It seemed to me like a lot of battles began with all the units rushing to the objective and slugging it out at point-blank range and maybe having more room to manuever might change that.

  • We use the standard 4 maps thus far and we’ve  been using 150 point games.  or doing a 100 -150 pt start with a 50 pt reinforcements. It’s been fun.

  • This weekend we tried playing with six tiles but also with three players in an all out war.  Every army still had 100 points but with 3 players, it was quite something trying to push forward to the objective.  I also found out that it’s really hard to make lateral attacks with a jagdpanther (no turret) so we may come up with a house rule allowing “no turret units” to align with a hex corner instead of a hex side to allow lateral attacks.  When placed this way, only the 2 hexes adjacent to the chosen corner would be “front defense” and the 4 others would be “rear defense”.

  • Two things, Celery.  One:  How did you settle the new rules for three players?  Especially with regards to initiative rolls?  And Two: I’ve decided that the Jagermeister – I mean JagdPanther  :lol: – should be able to fire anywhere within the sixty degree angle that its gun covers.  I’m not sure if that’s what you meant, but it’s an issue that I’ve come across…

  • i’ve played a three player 150pt game, but we had 1 axis player with german and japanese troops, an allied (uk/us) player and a russian.  like the old axis and allies.  basically the allies and russia shared initiative.  i find the map wasn’t big enough.  in the end, the allies and russia were just discussing what to do together, treating the troops as one army (inspiring lt. helping mosin-nagants!)
    the idea was to have two seperate armies…but it didn’t really happen. 
    maybe next time 🙂

  • dRec for this to work you need more map tiles.  Or steal Koenigs’s table.

    We are a couple of friends who play ( including Otto and my brother killercelery ) and have 5 base set so this makes 20 tiles.  This way it possible to play 3 or more players.  We want to play 2 vs 2 players soon.  I can’t waint to play 2 vs 2 with 150 or 200 points armies.

  • I would love to play a free-for-all with four 200 point teams.  That seems more feasible now that the Russkies are not as weak of a force.  (Have you seen the new IS-2?)  Of course, every side has some cool new units, like the new King Tiger (which a buddy of mine named “The Super Tank”, for obvious reasons.)  And also, paratroopers are nice, as are snipers.  One thing about the new set that I’ve noticed is that every nation has become more rounded, like the US and Russia getting anti-tank guns, and the Japs getting a tank destroyer.  I find the new set to be an improvement.

  • The AH site has a couple of three map layouts that look interesting. They are three side-by-side with the long edges touching.

  • Founder TripleA Admin

    Yeah, they even have some new maps that you can download.

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