• Just wondering if anyone used any of the pieces yet, or do I have to wait till Sunday night to hear about it.  I’m particularly interested in any of the Axis pieces (go figure).

    Take care

    Axis fan

  • My top 5 Axis units from Set V would be:

    #5 PzKpfw 38(T)
    Fast, robust, and packs a decent punch for early war gamers. Even late war it fulfills a roll similiar to a T-70.

    #4 Fallschirmjager
    Nice, if bland.

    #3 Kawanishi NIK-J “Shiden-Kai”
    The Axis Spitfire.

    #2 Panther Ausf D
    Finally a German tank priced like an American one.

    #1 Messerschmit Me 262
    Very tough and good dice, this thing is a flying SS-PG.

    This list isn’t including Depot units, all of which are good (Ammo especially)

  • Well as a matter of fact we had a huge 1500 point game at my local shop and some of us played the new units.  ME 262 is awesome.  The IS-3 is alright, just dont pit it against a Veteran Tiger with an ammo dump (itll mean the end of your IS-3.)  The new German paras are pretty cool too.

    Well now that Set V is out, I cant wait for WaS miniatures.  😄

  • I find the Neberlwerfer (sp?  I don’t have the card in front of me) is quite nice.  While weak as any other artillery, it can pack a punch with its rockets, and ignoring cover is pretty sweet.

    The Goliath is pretty hilarious, but 12 dice is nothing to scoff at against most any vehicle.

  • The Nebelwerfer is nice too because it can fire point blank if need be.

  • It’s a monster. And I have yet to play it but had 2…my own minis, played against me.  :x

    Even without the rocket attack it’s a killer.

  • I like the picture of the Me-262 screaming in from out of nowhere when Boris sticks his head out of the woods 😛

    So how much luck has anyone had with countering it?

  • Thanks for the input folks.  Looks like most of the stuff is worthy of obtaining and trying out.  I especially like the 262 (is that 1944 by any chance?)  Some of the stuff that they but years on I have to question it seems to be his or miss.  The FW190 is accurate as far as year but I know some were available sooner than what is indicated (I’m at a loss to give examples and I really don’t want to gripe anyway so I won’t. The game is too fun!!)

    Axis Fan

    P.S. I’m seeming stuff on e-bay already for reserves

  • Me 262 is 1943.

    I believe WotC tries to set the dates to when the majority of the units were available. It also doesn’t seem to matter at what point during the year - so for example if a unit wasn’t in full production until December 1944, they would still make it a 1944 unit.

  • Anyone who has used the set what are you adding to your builds.  I’m interested in Para’s and Goliath especially

  • It’s hard to say with the Goliaths; their ‘pre-attack’ roll is a little odd at times, they have low defence and 7 points isn’t cheap for an infantry… but they potentially have a good attack against vehicles, and fairly decent against infantry.

    At range 2 they have less than a 50% chance of their Remote Control working (Range 3 - 25%, Range 4 - 11%), and then they still have to roll 12 Veh / 8 Inf dice against the target to see if it even does anything. It has the possibility of being a bit more effective at medium range than say a Panzerfaust/schrek, and is good against both vehicles and infantry, but has some drawbacks, or at least oddities.

    I haven’t used it enough to say whether it’s worth using or not yet; many aspects of it I don’t like, but at least around here the potential of its attack is useful as a psychological weason.

    The Fallschirmjager aren’t anything special; nearly identical to UK P/Ts but with 1 less close assault, though if you’re playing year based games you can at least use them 1939+. They’re good for taking out the usual things; depots, lone mortarts/commanders, etc, or securing the objective earlier on.  They’re no screaming eagles, but they’re decent balanced pieces.

  • i put 4 Nebelwerfer in my army and they Rock!!!
    i kill my opponents when they bunch up with a good ole rocket salvo……
    im especially pleased with the panther and goliaths too
    i got 6 fallschrimjagers on the way

  • @Der:

    I like the picture of the Me-262 screaming in from out of nowhere when Boris sticks his head out of the woods 😛

    So how much luck has anyone had with countering it?

    I’ve shot 2 down so far w/ basic combined forces. I think they balance well in the game but they are not invincible. Frankly I would rather have seen all planes 5/5 and give the jets antiair 2, but that’s just pointless retrospect.  😄

    But I love playing that plane, and fear it somewhat on my opponent’s side but not paralyzingly so. They can’t shoot crap in the woods. Good place for ammo dumps…another good unit.

    Maybe someday we’ll get a proper tank-buster ME 262. That would be slick.

    Another good plane is the Dournier, as a defense unit. Making that no-return-fire kill is sweet.

  • Yes, like most of the other hype (yeah I’m talking to you, Rhino) it’s turned out to be not all that bad. It’s a threat for sure, but counterable.

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