Using alternative models for Axis and Allies Miniatures?

  • Hey guys, just had an idea and want some feedback.

    Since I picked up the starter box for the game, I’ve been a little hesitant towards actually getting some more models. I really didn’t care for the paint jobs, the bafflingly bad scale between men and tanks, and the low quality of the plastic. I am interested in the game as it seems fast playing and the unique unit rules would allow for a lot of strategy, but the minis are a definite turn-off, as is the “collectible” (ie, expensive) nature of the models.

    So, does anyone know any other good mini manufacturers who make models that would be roughly the right scale? I’ve been looking at the Flames of War range as an alternative, it seems quite good actually, and comparatively affordable. It would require a set amount, like 50 or so bucks, for a faction, but then you’d have several of the units you wanted, and no useless doubles. Finding the cards shouldn’t be hard, I found a unit summary on a site yesterday.

    Anyone else have some ideas for models or alternative solutions? Thanks guys.

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    This game does play great. It is fast paced, easy to learn, and has enough complexity to allow for good strategy. I’ve heard from others that one of the best things about the rules is the simultaneous battle.

    The collectible nature of this game is not nearly as bad as games like Heroclix where you can spend up to $250 per expansion just to stay competitive. I only spent about $170 and I have more than enough pieces to keep competitive. I could have waited and spent $30-$70 less by getting a case on eBay.

    I’m not sure how many pieces com with Flames of War but for about $50+ you could construct your armies from pieces that you purchase individually on eBay. Generally, the soldiers go for about $0.50 and the tanks are $5-$9.

    If you don’t like the paint jobs you could strip off the paint and redo it yourself. If you want to enter tournaments, your paint job, in terms of colors, should be somewhat similar to the original so that other players can identify the pieces.

  • But note that Flames of War’s 15mm isn’t necessarily the same as Axis & Allies’. I’ll post a photo (as soon as my photo blogging service recovers from it’s current bout of constipation) of a FoW Matilda and an AaA Easy Eight…the Sherman in reality was a much bigger vehicle.

  • I havn’t finished painting the Matilda.

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    I also saw how poorly the miniatures came out. Id advise you get C and C at 1/285 scale (something like 3 pieces for $4 or 4 pieces for $5)along with old glory 20 mm infantry (50 pieces for 13.00) both offer discounts. For painting youll need to know how to dry brush the armor to create the proper “worn” effect plus buy a special box of paints that they make just for only planes or tanks. You dont have to buy those silly osprey books as you can get the paint schemes from the internet. The artillery being in scale i find is too small to work with and id just use a/a artillery along with eagle games attack! just repainted. last note: you will need to contact Brookhurst Hobbies and buy a set of bases for your infantry. a company called wargaming accesories makes 1/2x1/2 inch plates 50 pieces for $4.00.

    By the way "flames of war " miniatures are a total waste of money. If you have to buy anything from them get those dice and perhaps the paint. Everything else is totally overpriced for what you get.

  • I think that mixing 1/285 and 20mm figures would look wrong. I know that in the original A&A game and memoir 44 that is the way it is done but I have never been satisfied with the look. I totally disagree about the quality of the FOW miniatures. I have painted a number of armies for different people and the detail n the figures is on par with other companies.
    I have been doing some detailing and kitbashing with the A&A miniatures and will post pictures when I have finished painting them.

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    I totally disagree about the quality of the FOW miniatures

    I didnt say they were bad miniatures, only that they are a total rip off like AA miniatures. If you keep the scale with 1/285 you get those horrible blobs made by GHQ that are way to small for a decent aesthetic. Also the AA minis are not really in scale either. The soldiers seem too tall compared with say the tiger tank. FOW is in true scale but a total ripoff. AA is a smaller rip off, because they create this “collectible” crap with having some pieces made in less quantities than others. The solution is allways to go down in scale and deal with companies that can sell you what you want without resorting to “Ebay”
    The secondary importance is clear when you realize that the 1/285 scale is the same size as your regular AA ground pieces (well tanks and artillery). While the necessary detraction is having 1/72 scale infantry which are large rthan the tanks.

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