• 8-)Well i got my case yesterday and put the new figs through the paces.  I have to say I am impressed with the new items. Most everybody brought out their new hero’s and they did not prove to be to over powerful.  The resourceful hero was only in the right place at the right time once to use tank stats and it proved to be a light tank and he did not want to use those stats anyway  He just did not have the killing power to take down the Veteren tiger or the Jagtiger on the field.  The honor bound hero proved to be a little more then my Gurkha’s could handle, but eventually was stopped by the strategically placed Bofors 40mm. I, on the other hand had a great combination using paratroopers with inspired hero.They got to run up the field and had a great time killing many Germans and Japanese troopsas well as destroying the stray tank that got in the way.  All in all great time with the new UK stuff making a formidable team ever better!  Way to go WoTC!  :-D

  • Founder TripleA Admin

    The Verteran Tiger is very broken. In the game I played, it damaged or destroyed everything with one roll whether the Tiger was disrupted or not. Even Close Assault 8 had trouble dealing with the Tiger.

    As for the Heroes they actually break a few fundamentals of the game. They break the concept of defensive fire, disruption, and regular or elite infantry. These units are super elite. It should not be allowed that you can have an unlimited number of these in each army. WWII wasn’t fought by super-heroes, it was fought by humans.

  • DJ, you seen to be echoing alot of concern I’ve heard elsewhere about the Veteran Tiger and the Heroes.

    nods sagely


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