• I am a little confused as to how one goes about capturing a hostile unoccupied territory.  The rulebook seems to say that only a blitzing tank can do this.  For example, I was playing a game the other night where in G1 Germany captured Karelia and moved all surviving land units from Norway into Karelia leaving Norway unoccupied.  Then on UK1 a veteran player said that the UK cannot use a transport to move land units into Norway and occupy it. Is this true?  Basically I just need to know the basics of capturing unoccupied hostile territories other than with blitzing tanks.  The rulebook did not seem clear to me on this subject. Thanks.

  • Any land unit can capture an unoccupied hostile territory.

    The blitzing special ability of the tank allows it to capture the unoccupied territory and still be able to move 1 more space either to attack another unoccupied hostile territory, attack an occupied hostile territory, or return to a friendly territory.

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    Yes, you may amphibiously assault unoccupied enemy land.  You do this during the combat phase by declaring it as a battle as you would if defenders were present.  The only difference is there is no dice needed to win the engagement.

    Furthermore, you could invade with 1 infantry and use new transports to send in more units during Non-Combat Movement if you so wish. (For instance, perhaps you are waiting to see how the other engagements go before committing those forces to that area.)

    As for straight ground combat, the same applies.  You may conquer the land with any ground unit and reinforce after the engagement.

    (Classic is different on reinforcements, but this is the revised board.)

  • Okay. Thanks for informative clearing up of my question.

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    Okay. Thanks for informative clearing up of my question.

    No problem, it’s why this board exists!

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