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  • Sorry, I just recently bought Axis and Allies and I need a rule clarified.

    For flying units, is the movement value the value I can move into enemy terriroties, attack, and retreat with the same value or do I need to divide the units movement in two. That may sound confusing so heres an example

    Say I have a fighter wing in Trans-Jordan and I want to attack an enemy in India. Would my four point of movement be spent like Persia to India to Persia then to Trans Jordan (for a total of 4 spaces) or could I spend it Persia to India, to French Indochina then back through India, Persia, and to Trans-Jordan (a total of 6 spaces).

    Thanks in advance for the reply

  • '10

    Fighter can only move a total of 4 spaces (bombers - 6 spaces)

  • some extra info:

    the total is indeed 4 spaces for a fighter!
    you can decide whether you go:
    0 spaces in combat and 4 in non-combat
    1 space in combat and 3 in non-combat
    2 spaces in combat and 2 in non-combat
    3 spaces in combat and 1 in non-combat

    moving 4 spaces in combat is ONLY possible when attacking a sea-zone and when you can land on an aircraftcarrier (AC).
    this AC has to be a survivor of the sea-battle OR
    the AC has been moved there in non-combat phase (you move the AC to the occupied sea-zone, but didn’t attack with it)

    moving 4 spaces in combat to attack a land territory is not possible, since you can not land it in a freshly conquered territory and it can not get back properly (remember?)

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