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    Hey all - there’s a few other people’s avatars etc. that I’m curious about, so I thought I’d start this thread. I’ll start it off:

    My screen name is froodster after my web site, frood.net. My web site is named thusly mostly because it was the only short and meaningful domain name I could think of after years of trying to come up with a good one. Frood is a word from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and means “an amazingly put together guy”. I chose it here as my screen name because I wanted to be associated with the site where I have my A&A dicey - now I wish I had chosen “Ender”, or some General or someone.

    The avatar is Bucky Katt from Get Fuzzy, one of the strips I read every day (the others are Monty, Dilbert and Doonesbury). I chose it because he’s all like “Bring it on” and yet he’s cute and pathetic in his own dumb special way - like me.

  • I enjoy a good zombie movie so that’s where the ghoul came from. The Mr. part just came to me at the time. You know, when you’re this creepy they call you Mr.! or something dumb like that.  😛

    The avatar that I just added is the mascot “Bullgod” from Monster Magnet. (kind of like Eddy from Iron Maiden) except Monster Magnet are amazing(especially their early stuff) and Iron Maiden is not-Yuk.

    All hail the Bullgod.

  • Nukchebi0 is a conglomeration of the three main weapons of mass destruction. Typically they are ordered NBC, but nukbioche just didn’t sound good. It is only 9 characters because it originated from an old game I was signing up to play online, one that limited the name to 9 characters. Once, I got that name, I just continued using it, since I liked it so much, and it was original, which meant no conflicts with others.

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    balungaloaf comes from our balunginian tribe.  with many balungs in it.

    i am going to cycle my avatars alot.  coinciding with my record.

    Arnold is there because he’s arnold with a gun.  pretty intense, like me when i play A&A.  plus he’s badass and i’m so freaking good.  8-)

  • 2007 AAR League

    I like your’s Froodster – especially the cat.

    “Weekend Gamer” was the handle I came up with several years ago when I was active on Don Rae’s A&A bulletin board on ezboards.com.  I was working for a living then too and barely had time to play on the weekend, so the term “weekend warrior” was sticking in my mind.  But I would never presume to equate myself with people who do serve their country in the armed forces, and I didn’t want people to think I was in the reserves or anything, so it just came to me that I was a “gamer” and it just clicked.

    In retrospect, when I registered here, I kind of wish I’d picked something like “Yamamoto” or “Desert Fox” (although those are probably taken already) just to be colorful, but it was easier just to go with the old name.

    As for avatars – anyone know where I can find some good pics online?  Anything sci-fi (including Hitchhiker’s Guide!) or wwII related would be great.

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    Yeah, WG, Both of those are taken, in fact I’ve seen several versions of Desert Fox.

    My avitar is this bad ass Iraqi war veteran I know… Wait… Oh yeah, it’s just me.

    My screen name I had to invent quickly, I was registering AAMC I think, it was along time ago, 6 or 7 years ago.  I live in the Desert, so I was going to try somthing like desert rat, but that was taken I tried Dezert Rat, that was taken too, I tried 3 or 4 combos and decided to drop the second e and change animals.  The fish seemed like a contradiction you know fish in the desert… anyway I started posting on different message boards to try and form a face to face group in my area.  So… I kept the same name.  Although I have occasionaly used DezertRed.

  • “Munch on me mutton, ya sultry wench!”
    “Lass, bend over so I can bury me treasure.”

    “Raunchy” is my old Army nickname.

    The above pick up lines actually worked.

    “The Pirate” refers to my nefarious ways, I think you get the message.

    Think of my personality as resembling ALF, turned up several notches.

  • The name AgentOrange originally comes from Vietnam, but I chose it as my name during cruise in 2004 when we would play Halo just about every night after work.  I had several other callsigns first, but eventually I wanted one that reflected my profile’s color.  The first name to reflect the color was Mr. Pink, because I think he’s the best character from Reservoir Dogs, but after awhile I got tired of being the pink guy, so I switched to AgentOrange.  It stuck ever since, and I use it for most of my online profiles.

    Yoda is pretty self-explanatory, but I chose this avatar because he looks like he is about to lay down some profound wisdom, and that’s what makes him the sh*t in the first place.  8-)

  • '18 '17 '16 '11 Moderator

    AgentOrange, of course, being the code word for the Exfoliating gas used to clear jungle so our foot soldiers could fight more conventional warfare.

    My original Avatar was just my picture from when I was 19.  It was getting old and I’m not the same girl as I once was, physically, then agian, I have two children now, so you wouldn’t expect my body to look the same anymore!  Similar, but not the same. hehe.

    Jennifer was the name of my character from Star Wars Role Playing Game which I played online at www.starwarsclub.org where I had been elevated to the benevolent rank of High Commander (equivalent of a High Admiral, or one step below Grand Admiral) and placed in command of all Star Fighters in the Empire. (It’s a big club, so at my hieght, I was in charge of approximately 75 Players with room for roughly 30-40 more in our organization.)

    My email address comes from the day I was promoted to command.  ISFCCO stands for Imperial Star Fighter Corps Commanding Officer.

  • 2007 AAR League

    “Baghdaddy” is what my sailors called me.

    Behind my back.

    Since every single one of the sorry SOBs volunteered to go to Baghdad with me, I figure the name fits.  I was “daddy” and “mommy”, I was the good guy who made sure they got a good deal and I was the @sshole who made their lives miserable.  I figure the name fits and is a lot nicer than some of the names I had for my chiefs.

    To my face, they call me Chief.  Still do even though I retired.  Even over beers at the house.

    The pic is me in 2004.  I’m the good looking one.  At least, that is what my wife says.

    The sandbags behind us were added after a rocket attack put shrapnel through all our spaces.  No US casaulties but I am a lot more sensitive to the sound of rocket engines.  Exploding mortar shells tend to get my attention too.  Rocket and mortar fire was a multiple times a week event.  None of my sailors were hurt but it definitely kept us on our toes.

  • 2007 AAR League

    AJ = My initials
    Gundam = One of my favorite TV series.
    Avatar = Changes from time to time … currently is just a funny pic  :lol:

  • Avatar:  US Air Force Academy Logo (where I was a Cadet in 1987)

    Screen Name:  Many of you know this already.  Several years ago I was seriously into the BDSM scene.  At the time I lived on the NC/SC border just east of I-95.  I was both a Dominant and a submissive, depending on the day and how I felt, while I was in the scene, thus I was a “Switch.”  Thus NC SC Switch.

    Also, as many of you know, I am Pagan, and had been one of hte most well known folks of that religious group in the region about 7 years ago.  Many Pagans are Witches, so NCSC’s Witch 😛

    I love the dual meaning, although only the first was intentional…

  • desertrat comes from the time spent at the numerous Desert resorts of Southern California. Fort Irwin comes to mind as one of my favorites. I actually go by the name of Thunder, on a few other forums that I frequent. It was a name that I got long ago, but it stuck, after an accident that I had while working on the Northrop ATB. The B-2 Bomber program. Thunder goes BOOM… :roll: Get it? The Avatar is from a wargame that I made up before I found A&A. Its a 144th scale V-1, that I’ve yet to figure out how to implement it into the game. But it looks cool.

  • poly is phonetically the first part of my last name. Some girl in college used to call me polywog and it stuck briefly. …that plus I just think it’s a funny word. …Obviously, not choosen for intimidation factor…

    The russian battleship - pretty much the most unused piece in the box. Well, besides the russian aircraft carrier… In fact, it took me a while to find a picture… & I’m pretty sure the one in the picture was made into many tin cans long before wwII.

  • axis_roll:  When the axis get going, they roll right over any allied defenses… a valiant goal for the Axis alliance.

    My avatar currently is the A&A Revised Enhanced title belt.  There is a ranking list of players who play with the Enhanced rules set.  Right now, the powers that be are trying to rework exactly how this system works:  http://boards.avalonhill.com/showthread.php?t=15677

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    Actually, Polywog, most of the Russian battleships (more like Heavy Cruisers and Destroyer-Dreadnaughts (DD, in case anyone wonders where the initials for Destroyer comes from, I finally got it tracked down from an old Rear Admiral from Taffy 7-WWII, USA) ) were sunk by the Japanese before WWII and never rebuilt.  The Russia navy was such an utter disgrace.  To this day I wonder why they even start with a submarine at all.

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    Sorry, I don’t want this thread to get off topic, but hey, that russian sub is key to my allied strategy :D!

    Any more avatar explanations?

    I’ll just take this opportunity to explain my new catch phrase, Audi Alteram Partem. It is a legal doctrine in latin that means “hear the other side” or “both sides must be heard”.

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    My avatar is a rugby ball, because….I like rugby.

  • @Jennifer:

    Actually, Polywog, most of the Russian battleships were sunk by the Japanese before WWII and never rebuilt.  The Russia navy was such an utter disgrace.  To this day I wonder why they even start with a submarine at all.

    You could not be more right: The BB in my avitar is Oryol (Orel). It was the only surviving “modern” battleship of Tushima & surrendered to the Japanese after the battle. Like most other awful Russian capital ship designs of the turn of the century, it was heavy, over-gunned, under armored, under powered and highly unstable on the open ocean. It belongs to possibly one of the worst classes of battleships ever built and was made into Japanese tin cans in the 20’s.

  • Rune Blade - the bad a** weapon from Final Fantasy VII.  The name kinda stuck for me and now I post it on anything I do online.  I even sign my games with “Rune Blade”.

    As far as my “a”, I found this cute one of my son when he was one.


  • 2007 AAR League

    I miss Final Fantasy…

  • Official Q&A 2007 AAR League

    Does my Avatar really need an explanation?  😄

  • 2007 AAR League

    No, because Khan rocks!

  • 2007 AAR League

    Hey froodster is that you in your avatar??
    I thought all Canadians looked like this …

    [attachment deleted by admin]

  • 2007 AAR League

    Yeh that’s me…

    But tell me, do all Americans look like this?

    [attachment deleted by admin]

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