• Can an air unit attack a submarine that is in the same sea zone as an allied destroyer?

    This strange situation arises from the following in-game sequence:

    • Japan has taken Java (in SZ42). The only IJN ship in SZ42 is a sub.
    • UK makes an amphibious assault on Java; the sub is ignored.
    • UK moves a destroyer to SZ42 as a NCM, choosing to ignore (not attack sub).
    • In ANZAC turn, 2 fighters from Borneo are flown to SZ42 to attack the sub.

    Per the rules:

    …hits from air units can’t be assigned to submarines unless there is a destroyer present that is friendly to the air units in the battle…” (P18, AAP40)

    The destroyer is definitely present. The destroyer is definitely friendly. However, the destroyer isn’t actually attacking (as multinational forces may not attack in the same turn).

    Thank you for your help.

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    Nope. Any Allied unit in a SZ Zone or Territory on your Turn is invisible as far as the game is concerned when you are attacking. When you are defending all Allied units participate.

    Europe 1940 Rulebook - Second Edition
    Page 21 (Sidebar)
    (BOLD added by me)

    A multinational force can’t attack the same space together, because each power moves and attacks with its own units only on its own turn. Any units in a sea zone in which a battle occurs that belong to an ally of the attacker (other than cargo on an attacker’s ship) can’t participate in the battle in any way. Such units can’t be taken as losses in the sea combat and have no effect on defending submarines.

  • @andrewaagamer

    Thank you! That was very helpful!

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