• Also(if anyone is still on this board) a good way to go is placing a US fleet at 91. It can go multiple ways. Norway(Most Likely leave it for UK), Western Germany(wait for another landing and needs a sizable force to take and hold) , Spain(turns neutrals pro axis) , Morocco(Can resupply forces here but lacks any actual help for Allies), Rome(might jump the gun but knock out an axis power). These are viable options for the US. As for the United Kingdom, I usually go after Italy to at least reduce them to a land war in Russia with Germany. This idea needs the Persian Factory in order to function properly. Another way to go is to have the UK take Norway and become a thorn in Germany’s side. A minor IC here for the UK will eventually allow a push into Eastern Europe and possibly into Berlin. If you combine this with the Red Dragon for USSR, you can fight Japan with Russia and Fight Germany on multiple fronts with the UK.

    As of right now, there is no way to stop a DOW J1 , except with a US lead KJF strategy. I think we need to find another way to get around the DOW J1 as the main hurdle. I would be willing to play on Triple A but i need a better computer. But we need to get passed the DOW J1 or at least figure out a sure fire way to hold off Germany while the US is busy in the Pacific. “If there is a will there is a way”. This is causing the too many problems to allow it to go on.

    J1 consquences
    1. No operation Sea-Lion
    2. Crushes Allied Units in the Pacific
    3. Focuses US attention on Japan
    4. Moscow falls faster than a normal game
    5. Brings all Allies(except Russia) into war

  • '19 '17 '16

    UK shouldn’t get on Norway or Spain if the USA can do it. Same with Normandy and Sth France. USA’s IPC are hard to make useful whereas UK can spend them profitably in Africa and the Middle East.

    J1 DOW allows the USA into the war earlier than they might otherwise be able to enter it. Major problem is that assuming a couple of German subs survived off Canada, you can’t just go into the Atlantic with your full forces. Your single TT is likely to be mince meat.

    Neutral crush on paper seems a good counter actually. Getting on Spain diverts German attention away from Moscow.

  • But wouldn’t that leave the Pacific to allow Japan to run rampant, the sub strategy for the US does not work a majority of the time? The neutral crush does not work because you have to
    1. Contain Turkey
    2. Contain South America
    3. Sweden is threatning to the Allies(Unless hit after Spain)


    This can stretch the Allies too far. Sometimes Turkey can hard to contain on its own.

    The neutral crush would allow more units to exist in Russia and in the defense of France and Germany

    The US could go to Norway, but when you can push from more than 2 fronts . UK based in Norway and US in Spain and/or Italy and Russia based in Russia.

    UK - North/West
    US - South/West
    Russia - East

    We should do games with these suggestions and come back and explain how they went

  • '19 '17 '16

    South America isn’t very easy for the Axis to get to. Turkey and Sweden are certainly issues though.

    Generally, UK mid east/africa corp hits Turkey. USSR might like to hit Sweden but usually can’t.

    Yes, a USA Europe focus does leave Japan largely alone. That’s the trade.

  • Im glad we agree on some problems, I just want to find a way to take out Japan without either completly abandon Europe or commit to Europe.

    A 60 - 40 economy split should work for the US at the bare minimum

    70 - 30 might be better depending on the threat level

    UK middle east factory is always a great idea for support
    A Norway factory is good for the Allied Power who controls it(Unless it is Russia, because Leningrad Factory)

    For the Spanish Beach head what if the UK hit Sweden and/or Norway to contain it , just like we do with Turkey

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