• just one thing to clarify

    if you can help me because i am not shure

    if i conduct an amphibious attack and i attack in opening fire with my battleship, and the defender has an AA
    so can the enemys AA shoot at my planes and then be chosen as a casualty for my battleships hit-assuming that battleship and AA shoot at the same time beacuse its opening fire

    this howewer seems odd because AA can shoot at my planes and be chosen as a casualty after that

    is this posssible or not

    thank you

  • OK, not sure if you are asking if AA can be taken as a loss or not, because it cannot.

    BB fires, and 1 unit:  INF, ART, ARM, FIG, BOM is destroyed per BB shot hit
    AA fires at FIGs and BOMs separately.  Any hits kill either FIGs or BOMs respectively before they get to attack.

    Once those roles are complete, both the BB and the AA are removed from battle, as are any units hit by the AA or BB, and then the battle continues like any other land battle (except the attacker cannot retreat their land units).

  • but as i have understand the rulebook AA is a normal unit

    so whenewer my friends and i play, we sometimes, if we wont choose it as a casualty,  not just in amphibiious assault-in any battle

    but if you say so , i trust you

  • 2007 AAR League

    AA guns are never destroyed (same is true for IC’s), they only fire if enemy planes fly over during combat moves (with the exception of Rocket technology).  Once they have fired at any enemy planes their job is done & they sit on the sidelines awaiting the outcome of the land battle.  If the territory is captured by the attacker the AA gun becomes the attacker’s property, but can’t be moved until the attackers next turn.

  • thank you

  • but AA guns can be destroyed

    if they are on a sinking transport

  • Just to, um… help… this is from Caspian Sub Policy Paper #07:

    Appendix D: What Do You Mean You Can’t Destroy the AA Gun?  Your Guys Can’t Find Any Rocks?

    Whatever happened to sweet, scorched earth?Â

    In the old versions of AA, you couldn’t have multiple AA guns in the same territory.  That meant that if Germany lost Western Europe, the Germans would have their own AA gun firing at them on the retake.  We didn’t like that.

    We liked destroying things as soon as they were going to fall into enemy hands.  Putting an AA gun on a defenseless transport was the only legal way to do it.

    In AA4, you can just move the gun back to your capital with any other guns, so it’s less of a big deal.  But why can’t you just blow up your own stuff?  You can’t just push it into the ocean?  I mean, you have guns and bombs and stuff, why not just stomp on the AA guns with both feet, like a monkey?

    Caspian Sub scientists have been working around the clock to answer this question and they have made a tremendous breakthrough: the gray plastic pieces are completely indestructible.  You will notice that an IC is never destroyed, AA guns are not destroyed, and plastic chips are simply recycled between you and your enemy.  We do not know what goes into the gray plastic, but be warned that the gray plastic is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS.  Apparently it is made of the same substance they use to make the black boxes in airplanes, only it’s gray.  The only way to put an AA gun out of commission is to hide it under the ocean.  And notice that even that doesn’t destroy it; it simply cannot hit planes anymore.  If possible, build your own units out of this substance.

  • This was a basic rule question regarding boxed rules and/or Larry Harris Tournament rules.

    Scorched Earth is a House Rule, and only exists as an OPTION on ONE version of the game… “3rd Edition” Hasbro CD-Rom from 1998 (pre-Revised/Avalon Hill)… and even there it is an option.

    Please do not confuse issues of rule questions with House Rules.

  • '18 '17 '16 '11 Moderator

    He has a point.  AA Guns should be destroyable in the non-combat movement phase of your turn if you control them.  Maybe give it a cost of 1 IPC for the manpower required to dismantle it?

    And yes, it’s a “house rule” but so what?  Bidding is a house rule too.  There’s no printed rules in any of the box sets I’ve seen that has rules for bidding.

  • Regardless, please move further discussion of destruction of AA guns (other than being destroyed by being sunk on a TRN) to the House Rules area.

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