• 2007 AAR League

    ok, next questions

    can you move an AA gun into a terrirory you just conquered?
    in fact, can you ever move anything into a territory you just conquored?

    I just read through the rule book, couldnt get a clear answer, but its always been my understanding that you can not move additional troops into a territory you just conquored… i may be wrong

    also, can a tank move one space, get picked up by a transport, and then get dropped off in the same turn?


  • everything is fairly clear, you just need to look under the rules for each piece to see what its options are.

    Infantry - can move into a territory you just conquered to reinforce.  This typically does not happen since you would want as many troops to be involved in a battle as possible.  It still is an option.
    Armor- can move into a territory you just conquered to reinforce.  can move two spaces, but can only engauge in combat once.  Armor’s “blitz” stops when it runs into an opposing unit (this includes enemy AA’s and IC’s.).  Cannot move AND load on to a transport.  If an armor wishes to load on a transport, its sole move is to load on to the transport.  Conversely, you cannot offload a transport and then move.

    AA can be moved into a territory just conquered.

    Fighters and Bombers cannot move into a territory just conquered.  To be more clear, they can fight to take a terrotiry, but they cannot stay and must land in a previously owned teritory.

    If this is clear as mud, keep asking specifics.  I am sure someone around here knows.

  • 2007 AAR League

    just to confirm, is this the ruling on tournament play?

    actually, on a different post in the GAMES section, i got a reply to the same question from Nix saying you can NOT reinforce newly conquered territories with AA or any other units.

    is there someone here who has an “official” response to this question? Not to say i dont beleive you, but i have had conflicting responses

    when I looked at the AA website, it said you can move units “through” newly conquered territories (which i originally though was not correct) but mentions nothing about reinforcing. also, if you are allowed to reinforce, does that mean you can also reinforce with AA?

    Also, when I was reading the official AA FAQ, it said you could not place newly built fighters onto previously built AC in the adjacent sea zones, but you could place newly built fighters on newly built AC, and you could place old fighters on newly built AC.

    Basically, that ruling seems dumb… if you can put old fighters on new AC, why not new fighters on old AC
    seems convoluted

    what are your thoughts?

  • 2007 AAR League

    also, one more question

    Lets say I have a situation where i have fighters on a AC
    i want those 2 fighters to be involved in a naval combat 3 zones away, and there is no land they can land on

    now lets say that AC is in a fleet, and can move closer to the naval battle so the fighters can land on it, but there is an enemy fleet in that sea zone. This enemy fleet should be easily defeated, but here is the question

    can those 2 fighters go to the naval battle knowing that, if in the rare situation that the AC fleet loses its own naval battle they wont be able to land anywhere?
    possible solutions
    the fighters can not fight, knowing that they dont have a definite place to land
    the fighters can, but crash if the AC doesnt get close enough for a landing


  • 2007 AAR League

    In regards to your last question, yes the fighters can attack but will crash at the end of your turn.

  • I have answered the reinforcement of land units in newly captured territories in 2 threads so far, with the most detailed answer in the game Mechanized Warfare is playing in the Tournament (RT2).

    LHTR actually specifically mentions “reinforcing” the front for non-combat moves.

    It is RARELY done though, except with AA guns, for 1 simple reason… if the troops can reach, send them for Combat so that you kill the enemy FASTER and take fewer loses, meaning more net troops in the newly captured territory.

  • I concur with Switch

  • 2007 AAR League

    I will hereby apologize for being wrong on this issue, and sorry if i made it worse by thinking i was right.

    One final question about this thought:

    Can you move a AA gun aboard a Trn in combat phase? (and then in non-combat move it of?)  (i guess it´s a no, since AA gun cant move in combat sequence, but want to be sure)

  • You are correct Nix.  An AA can;t load in combat, since it may only move in non-combat.

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