Gameplay Oztea 1941 Global setup

  • I was playing a game of Oztea 1941, and from turn 5, the game began to be so interesting I started making pictures of it. Let me know your thoughts and comments about the variant in general and specific strategies you thing they should be done in this game. I played with Low Luck, and the house rule that when a capital gets captured more than 2 times, the subsequent time the player pays his IPC’s to the bank, instead of to the conquering player.
    I did use an outdated setup though, with an added naval base in both Kwangtung in Malaya.

  • It’s the Japanese turn 5, and the biggest naval battle I’ve ever seen has commenced. The battle takes place in sz 34, around Allied possessed Palau. The entire Axis and Allied fleet are battling here. Japan has 85 combat factors, the Allies have 78. Winner of this battle will have Pacific naval supremacy

  • I am playing with LL and subsequent capture of capital IPC being destroyed (not paid to the conquering player) house rule. It certainly helped the Allies, as Moscow here was taken by the Axis, because of an Italian can-opener. Germany had only one tank left and its airforce after the battle. The Russian were probably going to win the Eastern Front but because of this probably not anymore. They had a large stack of guys in Tambov, which recaptured Moscow. Germans have still a lot of troops left, but will they be able to take Moscow again?


  • German situation in the west is not very good. Allies have landed in force and Germany will probably need Italian help to keep Western Germany out of Allied hands

  • Although the Axis captured Egypt, but need to defend because of British pressure from the IC in Persia and South Africa

  • Japs won the Naval Battle, and are poised to crush Calcutta, although they need to recover their fleet, and subdue China once and for all.

  • Round 6, German turn, second battle for Moscow. UK reinforced Moscow with 2 fighters from Persia, but will it be enough? Russian IPC will be paid to the bank if they lose their capital again.

  • Moscow Taken (again). But the Russians still ahve a good force in Samara, so Moscow will be recaptured again.

  • 2023 '22 '21


    Hi Victory,

    It looks interesting.

    I noticed that you play with some house rules.

    You might also find inspiration with the
    Axis & Allies Global 1940 House Rules Expansion - as well as the Global 1940 Basic Expansion - and the
    Global 1943 House Rules Expansion.

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