Does a UK DOW boost FEC and ANZAC income?

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    Scenario: Due to the German DOW on France, the UK is boosted to wartime income, as per their peacetime income increases on their reference sheet. The FEC and ANZAC are still well below their full income.

    Does the UK declaring war on Germany, boost the FEC and ANZAC to full economy? (Note: Unlike the UK, France and US, FEC and ANZAC do not have wartime income listed on their reference sheets. They only say full income.)

    Our group has had plenty of “It’s common sense that you can’t boost your own income” and “It’s common sense that they’d go to full income when they go to war”, back and forth. Any help with the actual rule(s)?

  • @captainnapalm FEC and ANZAC follow the UK into war. Once the UK reaches wartime income, the other two do as well, including Canada if playing with them. The rules are vague on this, but I asked the same question a while back and GHG answered it.

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    @adalwolf Thank you. I would have hoped that would have gone into the errata or FAQ. Maybe it will, some day.

  • @captainnapalm FAQed:
    Q: Does a GB declaration of war on Germany make FEC/ANZAC go to full income?

    A: Yes. British Commonwealth is one nation when it comes to diplomacy and many other things (as per 2.3).

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    @trig Thank you! Not as good as an errata, but at least it’s clear in the FAQ.

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