USA Peacetime Income Increases for Japanese Battleships and Carriers

  • Regarding the USA peacetime income increases for Japanese battleships and carriers, I had been playing that the USA went up 1 when you placed the battleship/carrier on the production chart, then another 1 if you placed the same battleship/carrier on the map. It says, “+1 (each time)”. Have I been doing that wrong? Do you only pay the +1 penalty once, per ship, or do you pay twice like I was thinking?

    Also, now that I know you MUST place the battleship/carrier once it reaches the place units box, it seems wise for Japan to hold their development of these ships at stage 2 if they want to avoid the penalty for placement.

  • @hbg-gw-enthusiast Once when you place it on the production chart and once again when you place it on the map. You are correct in your thinking on both counts!

  • @mark-the-shark Agreed!

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