• I am a bit confused on blocking. For example, lets say I am moving my Japanese fleet down to make an attack on India. I am not at war with UK, Anzac, or USA. I am only at war with China and maybe Russia. The Japanese fleet is in sea-zone 36 (Hainan). Can the UK put a destroyer or another ship in sea-zone 37 to block my fleet from going to India? Or can they block me at all since we are not at war? Thanks

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    While not at war your fleet can’t be blocked. If your fleet is sitting in sea zone 36 and the UK puts a destroyer or other combat surface ship into sea zone 37, your fleet can still reach sea zones 38 and 41.

    Once you have declared war that UK vessel now blocks you from reaching those sea zones in combat movement (unless you have a naval base in sea zone 36). If that vessel is not a destroyer, only your submarines could bypass it to reach sea zones 38 and 41 during combat movement.

    Marshmallow of War

  • @Marshmallow-of-War Thank you Sir.

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