Urgent: Blocking ships/non combat moves

  • A few questions I need answered and it’s greatly appreciated!

    1. If someone places a DD in a sea zone in front of your big navy, are you allowed to take out the destroyer with just a few necessary ships during combat move and then subsequently move the rest of your navy into the zone where the enemy DD was and then past it?

    Do you have to stop or can you continue your fully alloted 2 or 3 non combat moves past that one zone?

    2. Can a damaged Battleship do offshore bombardment?

  • 1. Yes, you can still move the navy that didn’t participate in combat into and/or through the sea zone during non-combat move. Once all the enemy ships in a sea zone are destroyed, the sea zone is no longer considered hostile and there is no restriction of movement into or through it during non-combat movement.
    Also remember that you can ignore enemy transports and submarines when moving through sea zones. They don’t make a sea zone hostile.

    2. Yes, they can.

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