Block turn order

  • A friend and I are playing Global 2nd edition over email on TripleA and, to expedite things, he floated the idea of modifying the turn order so all factions of each team go at the same time (I don’t know how this would happen on a technical level; he’s better at computers). I figured we could move the USSR after Japan and then Italy after France so that after round 1, an Axis turn goes Italy-Germany-Japan before sending the file back to the Allied player.  What are your thoughts on how this would affect game balance? Any tips on how to make this happen on TripleA?

  • I can see it being potentially harmful to Russia- to get the 1,2,3 punch of Italy, Germany, Japan…

  • Yup, Russia is already in a bad spot in this game.  No sense in making it MORE impossible to survive with Russia.

  • You can certainly do this in a face to face game- play the two separate boards together-
    Germany and Japan go at the same time (With Russia in between- have to respect turn order, but Japan may not be at war with Russia)
    Then the UK/China/USA goes
    Then Italy/ANZAC/France

    Then start over.  Of course this only works with 3-4 players so you can have people going at the same time.

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