East vs west expansion with V3 map

  • Just wondering I was trying to set up operation Pluto on V3 map and I found cities not listed. Is V3 map compatible with V3 map? Thanks

  • @MAX1313 I think you misspoke a bit above. You mention V3 every time, when I think you meant V2 somewhere in there.

    I’m not 100% positive on this, but I believe the East vs. West Expansion was created with V3 in mind. Meaning, some of the territory names on the map have changed from V2. So if you only have the V2 map, I think you’ll see things from the East vs. West Expansion that do not make sense.

    One of the reasons I’m debating getting V3 still. Would love to have the compatibility with the Expansions, as I have a feeling V2 will fall completely to the wayside eventually, which would make sense.

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