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    I have recently re-discovered the game and am introducing to my teenagers. I see mentions of bids on here but not sure what everyone is referring to. Is it a way to balance the different scenarios? TIA for any feedback.

  • A bid is when, before the game starts, you and your opponent negotiate an extra injection of cash for purchase of units during initial setup. The intent is to help balance the game. Since Axis is generally considered the stronger side, the Allies are the side that usually gets a bid or a cash injection.

    You begin with a bidding war to assign humans to sides. So if you are willing to play Allies for a bid of $20, but your opponent is willing to play Allies for a bid of only $19, and you refuse to go lower, then he wins the bid and he plays the Allies with a $19 injection to be spent on initial unit setup.

    The general rule with spending bid money is that you can only purchase 1 additional unit per territory, and you can only place the extra units in territories where you already have a unit. You don’t have to spend the whole bid but can keep some or all of it for use in later rounds, and can divvy it up between your nations as you see fit.

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    Thanks for your reply. Makes perfect sense.

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