• I am currently using the 2 boards to play global, and I despise the airfield and naval yard tiles or chits should be shits… man they aggravate a fellow. Anyway I know some guys like the hbg tiles they are quite nice but I really like Young Grasshoppers map in how they are part of the map. In leu of printing that map has anybody found a decal substitute of any kind that I can affix to my boards?

  • I pealed the face off of the in game tiles and glued them on my board. Bought the tiles from hbg and use them for new facilitys.  Also got british pacific tokens and pealed the face off them and glued them on pacific countrys.  Used a black sharpe to go over all borders and covered the whole thing with plexi glass.

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    Just curious… why are you averse to the idea of printing the map?  It’s an upgrade in so many ways.

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    If I were you I would scan the tiles you want and then print them off on sticker paper from any Office store or Walmart. Then cut them out and stick them on your map. They’ll stay put and can also be removed if you change your mind.

  • I’m not averse to printing a map at all, and the map files I’ve seen are indeed waaaay better. Truth is I just recently purchased the 1940 games and would like to get some use out of them before I abandon them for the master map. And will definitely look for the sticker paper my next trip to wallyworld. Thanks for the suggestion DK.

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