• A couple of questions about Complexes.

    1. Let’s say the USA takes over Norway with an IPC value of 3. On the NEXT TURN, can the USA put a major complex in there?

    2. Can a country place a complex on neutral territiories, pro axis or pro allies?


  • 1. No. Norway did not begin the game controlled by US. Germany can build a major factory there but I once us takes over, it will become a minor one.

    2. Yes but not a major one.

  • '18 '17 '16

    One odd note though, although Japan begins the game with Kiangsu (Shanghai) and it is worth 3, they can not build a major industrial complex there because it is an originally controlled Chinese territory. You can only build a major on one of your own originally controlled territories. The only place that Japan could possibly build a major is on Korea. UK could build one on Malaya or Kwangtung. Germany could build one on Norway, Greater southern Germany, Holland Belgium, Slovakia Hungary, or Romania. France could build one on Southern France (yeah right). You could upgrade the one on Southern Italy to a major.

    Other than those places that I listed, there could be no other major industrial complexes built in the game.

  • Thanks for the tip there GHG…~!~ 😉

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