Scramble Rule Clarification

  • Hello guys,

    Got a second edition global 1940 rule I need clarification on:

    Page 16
    Scramble Rules

    Scrambled fighters and tactical bombers are defending, so
    refer to their defense values and abilities when resolving
    combat. They are treated as normal defending units in
    their sea zones. As defenders, they may not retreat. They
    can’t participate in any other battles during that turn,
    including a battle in the territory from which they were

    Here is the question:

    Going by these rules, scrambled planes cannot participate in any other battles during that turn, does this mean the entire round of play? (every nation)

    So if I choose as germany to scramble fighter planes to a seazone to help defend some transports, after the battle is done those planes are useless against any other nation that attacks the zone those fighter planes are in (eg denmark with paid for airfield of course).

    Or is it just for the attacking nations turn, ie he attacks the fleet and I scramble planes, but he also attacks the land those planes are from and thus the fighters cant do anything. But when the next aggressor attacks me those planes are fully capable of scrambling or defending the land zone?

    Help me out here.


  • The rule says it’s only for that turn, which makes it pretty clear. If another nation were to attack, it would have to be on another turn. For example, if USA attacks on their turn, and then UK attacks on their turn, you could use the planes to defend against both attacks because they are on separate turns.

  • Customizer

    It just means the current attacker’s turn, not the entire round.
    So if USA tried to attack W Germany and Germany scrambled 3 fighters and repelled the US attack with all 3 fighters surviving, then the UK attacks W Germany on the UK turn, Germany could scramble the same 3 fighters to fight the UK forces.
    I can only think of 3 examples where the “can not participate in other battles this turn” rule would apply:
    1 > Any territory with an airbase that borders more than one sea zone. For example, Great Britain borders sea zones 110 and 109. So you could not scramble 3 fighters to defend in sea zone 110 then use the same 3 fighters to defend in sea zone 109. You would have to choose one or the other, or split the 3 fighters between the two sea zones.
    2 > If the territory with the airbase is being attacked by both amphibious assault and over land. You could either scramble fighters to defend against the amphibious assault OR keep them in the territory to fight against the land borne assault, not both.
    3 > If the territory with the airbase also has an industrial complex. If your enemy does an SBR of your factory while also attacking that territory, or even engaging in a naval battle in an adjacent sea zone, you can use your fighters to intercept the bombers in the SBR OR scramble them to defend in the naval battle, but not both.

    There may be more examples I’m just not thinking of, but I think that pretty much sums it up.

  • Awesome thank you all for the clarification!

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