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  • I’m new to AAglobal.  There is an issue the game allows.  A sub can move into a fleet without a destroyer and submerge without combat so that it’s occupying the same zone as an enemy fleet during that fleet’s combat move.  I’ve been told multiple times that transports and subs don’t block any movement, so I can move out during combat movement.  However, I can’t find this rule anywhere in writing, so I’d like to clarify it here.  Thanks for the responses in advance.

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    If the sub moves in combat movement it attacks, but:

    Step 2. Submarine Surprise Strike or Submerge (Sea
    Battles Only)
    This step is specific to attacking and defending submarines.
    Before the general sea battle takes place (steps 3–5), both
    attacking and defending submarines can choose to either make
    a Surprise Strike die roll or submerge. A player may choose to
    submerge all, some, or none of his or her submarines.

    If the sub moves in non combat movement:

    Sea Units: A sea unit can move through any friendly sea
    zone. It can’t move into or through a hostile sea zone.
    Unlike other sea units, submarines can move through and
    even into hostile sea zones in the Noncombat Move phase.
    However, a submarine must end its movement when it enters
    a sea zone containing one or more enemy destroyers.

    Sea zones being made hostile:

    Sea Zones
    Sea zones are either friendly or hostile. Friendly sea zones
    contain no surface warships (this doesn’t include submarines
    and transports) belonging to a power with which you are at
    war. Hostile sea zones contain surface warships belonging
    to a power with which you are at war. (The presence of a
    surface warship belonging to an enemy power with which
    you are not yet at war doesn’t make a sea zone hostile).

  • Ok thanks Simon33. This is in the global europe rules which I found.

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