Global 1942 Scenario

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    I know that this is a variant, but just wanted to give a brief review of the G42 variant in my Games 94 and 95, here is a link to the canon  😉 version that I think breathes some new life into the game and the outstandingly designed board/map:

    The beauty of this scenario is that many of the ‘Cadillac’ extra factories and naval and air bases have been removed from the game, so it makes strategic bombing much more viable and abusive against the Axis.  Germany has to be much more careful how it builds (in terms of +2 turns out planning) and Japan has to avoid losing 1 of its 2 (not 3-4) major fleets.

    Also, many of the extra infantry and much of the fleet depth have been removed from the G40 setup, which means that production is more important than the starting pieces at the beginning of the game.

    Overall, Germany is on the strategic defensive.  The turn order has been altered, which makes the strategic initiative operate in the Allies favor.  Huge back and forth battles in the steppe and marsh and islands and canals lead to a battle of attrition and placement.

    The game has no diplomacy, and starts with everyone at war and the Axis near threshold income (50-60), so it is somewhat faster than G40 to get to the good stuff.    The Axis still have tons of planes and ships but are much curtailed so they have to make more focused choices in order to win.

    New NOs and placements make the med, SE pacific, East russia and africa more dynamic areas of conflict.  Hackneyed openers are out forcing you to think dynamically, though the Allies still start with plenty of stacks so the Axis has to attack.

    Have fun good luck. Taam

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