• Hey guys, I just got Europe 1940 2nd edition a couple days ago and had a few questions about the basic gameplay. Me and my buddy are completely new to Axis and Allies so bear with me.

    1. Are units able to make a non-combat move the same turn they are bought, or do you have to wait until the next turn? I know you can’t use factories the same turn you buy them, so I figured units may have to same rule.

    2. Are you able to attack a single territory from multiple territories? For example, is Germany able to attack France from every territory that borders Paris in a single attack.

    3. Are you only able to carry out one attack move per turn? This is how me and my buddy played it since we weren’t sure.

    4. Does attacking an undefended territory count as an attack move? Particularly if you can only attack once per turn.

    We also had some hiccups with actual combat. To give an example, Italy and Britain had a naval battle near Cairo involving a battleship, destroy, and cruiser (Italy) against a carrier, destroyer, and cruiser. Do you roll all of the dice at once or match up ships based on type? (destroyer against destroyer, cruiser against cruiser, etc)

    Sorry for the laundry list, but like I said it was our first time ever playing. We dug through the rulebook quite a bit, but I figured you guys might have some more useful tips. These are just a few of the many questions we ran into with the basic gameplay. We haven’t even gotten as far as amphibious assaults, convoys, and scrambling fighters, so I’m sure I’ll have more questions to come.


  • 1. No. Newly purchased units are placed at the end of your turn…so they can’t do any moves that turn.
    2. Yes
    3. You can attack as many territories/sea zones as you want to on your turn.
    4. Yes…attacking an undefended territory counts as a combat move.

    In the combat phase the attacker typically would roll all their dice first. Then the defender chooses the casualties and rolls their dice. There are some exceptions regarding subs…but I’ll let one of the rule experts elaborate on that.
    Hope this helps and enjoy your new game!

  • Thank you, that actually helped a lot. We had a general idea of the subs ability to submerge unless facing destroyers, but that got a little confusing when it came to combined arms.  Your comment about dice actually sorted that out. Thanks a bunch, I’m sure I’ll be back with questions about convoys, bombing, and scrambling once we play again.

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