• would anyone be interested in giving a long distance game a try.  would require excel, skype, and trust.

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    It would be quite a feat and it would take some time.

    I’d be interested after working with the new rules and/or the new '36 map comes out. My excel skills are not what they should be so I’d have to practice a bit to be comfortable and not hold you up.

    I use a lot optional rules and pieces and we’d have to work out and agree on rules etc. (no biggie, I’m flexible)

    It’s a good suggestion and thank you for posting the offer in the forum.

    I’ll think on it and talk to the guys in my playgroup about it.

  • just message me personally if you want to give it a try

  • I’m really interested to find out if anybody has figured out how to play a distance game of A&A. By chance have you had a chance to try and test out some rules? I grew up playing the original A&A but now as a busy adult it’s hard to find a large block of hours to crank out a game. Would be much easier for a busy lifestyle to run turn based distance games and I think if it can be figured out a lot of people would benefit from it. Thanks!

  • It would be nice if they could put it on triple a

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