First 1939 game so far, possible allied win?

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    So basically our games has ran like this. We have a 5 player game going on right now.

    Im playing as Britain and the commonwealth, with my most experianced axis and allies player playing as Germany. All the rest have been playing axis and allies for awhile but not as much as me and my friend. We stopping for the day at the beginning of turn 5

    Anyways during the game germany takes out France, Holland and a good chunk of the British home Navy. He also assualts poland, and sends troops in norway and Finland like normal. The Vichy government goes bad though, and almost all the french navy stayed intact and joined with the soviets to eventually took down the germany navy with new british builds. He attacks soviets on turn 2. More bad rolls though and the soviets hold on too long. He even fails to take Leningrad. The soviets managed to push their army back to poland, however that army was defeated soundly by germany recently. The soviets army is in tatters and will lose ground but i dont think germany can finish them and try to defend allied attempts on getting into france.  Japan, starts fighting the chinese but struggles at first with bad rolls. Still makes progress and have now taken a good amount of China. They take indochina and thai, but are finally beaten by a lucky British assault. They kept the navy very threatening but the British pacific navy is able to challenge it and has managed to take some of the dutch islands back. China is weak though and i falling quick, itll be interesting what happens when the US joins.

    Italy has taken cairo but the british have a strong force forming in the south ready to take it back… It was my mistake to retreat the met sea navy and now im locked out until i take gibralter back in 2 turns.

    Do the allies have a chance? I bet we can take africa and stop Germany, and hopfully Japan will be stopped before they reach india.

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    Hard to say without actually looking at the map, but whoever can consistently make more money than the other will eventually win if no bonehead moves are made.

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    This looks like the lead up to an allied win. The axis is being bottled up and the US isn’t even in the game yet. If the allies maintain the pressure and delays, it will go their way. Russia should be getting help now.

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