• We played Global War 1936. As an Allied player I controlled England and France. As the game progressed the German Navy was no threat to invade England. My plan was to build up along the Maginot Line with French units supported by English units. To counter the Luftwaffe I invested in AA guns.

    A large reserve force was built in Paris.

    The game played out with my Maginot Line force destroyed, twenty one infantry, one artillery, three fighters and two AA guns. Germany lost two fighters, twenty five infantry, six artillery.

    Paris fell with the German blitzkrieg sequence.

    I lost the Battle but Germany was weakened. Spain had became Communist.

    Had Germany not attack that turn, I’m confident the BEF and France would survive any German attack and could have crossed the Rhine.

  • Mmm, where the British units present at Maginot before the outbreak of war with Germany?

    I think even then, France has a decent chance of defending the Maginot against a German attack. If it mobilizes all its forces from the globe for sure.
    I’ve been debating building nothing as France but Militia on Maginot, and exploit that huge defense bonus.

    Its the Lightning War feature that really screws things up for France sometimes, especially by forcing France to protect multiple territories in Picardy and Maginot.

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