• Last month was the 70th anniversary of D-Day, and next month is the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Paris. I decided that I would make a campaign for the French Resistance. In some ways, this is similar to the German Campaign I made, in that the results of one battle affect the next. The approach I have taken this campaign is different, though. Here’s how this campaign works:

    One player will play the French Resistance (FR) and the other will play Germany. I recommend the more experienced player play the FR. There will be five groups of five scenarios: one for each year from 1941 to 1944, plus D-Day. The French player chooses the order of the missions. Once all missions are completed, move on to the next year (or d-Day). Make sure you keep track of how many wins each side has, and which scenarios they won, because that will effect the subsequent year.

    Table for victories
    FR wins……effect
    5…FR can use 2 bonuses the next year
    4…FR can use a bonus the next year
    3…no bonuses for either side
    2…Germany can use a bonus next year
    1 or 0…Germany crushes the FR and wins the game. The year does not advance.

    Each scenario can provide a bonus that the winner can use in a battle of their choice next year. The bonus can only be used if the player won the scenario. Each bonus may only be used once, but you can use multiple bonuses in a battle, if you are able. Bonuses are how one battle effects the next.

    Campaign victory conditions

    German major victory: Defeat the FR by winning at least 4 scenarios in a year. The FR is crushed, and the allies cannot plan D-Day. Although the Allies eventually win, this prolonged the war by a few years. Additionally, the Soviets push completely through Germany and control the majority of Europe, since the US and UK never established a western front.

    German minor victory: Win at least 3 of the D-Day scenarios. The FR still remains a nuisance for Germany. The FR helps the Allies plan another assault on Europe at a later date. This prolonged the war, but still ends in Allied victory.

    French victory: The Allies win at least 3 of the D-Day scenarios. Germany surrenders less than a year later.

    Special Rules

    French Resistance Fighter: Replace it’s stats and SAs with those of the Free French Infantry.

    Half hexes are always in play, unless said otherwise.

    In all scenarios, north is at the top.

  • 1941 SCENARIOS


    A platoon of German soldiers is occupying a French village and oppressing the citizens. The Resisitance comes to liberate the village. Once the FR attacks, Germans will be alerted of the Resistance and will be prepared for any future skirmishes.

    Map 1


    FR:  Completely control the town hexes at the end of 7 turns, when the German command learns of the battle and sends reinforcements.

    Germany: Hold the town hexes for 7 turns.


    Germany sets up first. Set up in the town hexes.

    mauser Kar 98K (x3)

    FR setup on any half hex.

    French Resistance Fighter (x5)


    FR: Village citizens join FR. You receive 3 French Resistance Fighters.

    Germany: German forces are now on alert.  You can deploy 2 Mausers as reinforcements on any half hexes on turn 2.


    An Allied pilot was shot down over France. The pilot had knowledge of RAF plans. The Germans want these plans, and the FR need to prevent them from getting them. However, neither side is exactly sure where the plane was shot down.

    4, 16.
    Map 4 is the west. Both numbers should be in the bottom left corner. Replace shellholes on map 16 with town hexes.

    Make 4 markers. Mark 1 as the pilot. You should not be able to tell which is the pilot. Shuffle the markers face down. Players take turns placing a marker in any grass hex at least 3 rows from the half hexes. When a unit enters a hex with the pilot, flip it over to see if it is the pilot.
    If the FR enters the  hex with the pilot, he becomes a FR Fighter. Remember which one he is.
    If  Germnay enters the hex, the pilot a German Opel Blitz enters the same hex, he is immediately loaded into the truck. He is unable to offload.


    FR: Return the pilot to the town on map 16.

    Germany: Transport the pilot off the west edge of map 4 for interrogation.

    Draw: The pilot is killed. The pilot is killed if he is destroyed as the FR fighter, or the truck carrying him is destroyed. A draw counts as 0.5 wins. If the FR has half a win at the end of a year, roll a die. On a 1-3, round down. On a 4-6, round up. Neither side can use the bonus from this scenario.


    Germany sets up in half hexes in the north of map 16.

    Opel Blitz (x2)
    Mauser Kar 98k (x4)
    Luftwaffe Infantry (x2)

    FR sets up in half hexes in south of map 4.

    FR Fighter (x5)
    FCM 36


    FR: The pilot joins the Resistance. You receive a FR Fighter.

    Germany: The Germans know of RAF plans. They lose less planes, and can afford to use them against the Resistance.  You receive a Messerschmitt ME 110, but it has to leave at the end of turn 3.


    The SS has discovered the location and time of an important Resistance meeting. In attendance are some very important FR leaders that are critical to the war effort. The FR must stop the assassination.

    FR player’s choice. Place 3  adjacent town hexes in or near the middle. The hexes cannot be on top of hill or Forest.


    FR: Defeat all Germans. Both commanders must survive.

    Germany: Kill both commanders, disrupting FR plans and demoralizing its fighters.

    Draw: 1 commander survives.


    FR sets up first.

    Meeting attendees, set up in town:
    FR FIighter (x4)
    FR Leader (x2) (FR Leader has same stats and SAs as Red Devil Captain)

    Meeting guards, set up adjacent to town:
    MAS 7.5 rifle

    Germany: set up on any half hexes

    Wehrmacht Expert Sniper (x3)
    Mauser (x3)


    FR: You receive 2 FR Leaders.

    Germany: The Resistance is demoralized and their plans disrupted. -2 to all their initiative rolls.


    A platoon of German tanks is heading west towards Caen. Along the way, the come to a village. The village is being used as a base for a group of FR tanks.

    1, 3.
    1 is in the west. The number “1” should be in the SW corner. The number “3” should be in the NE corner.


    Defeat all enemies.


    FR Setup first in town
    Hotchkiss H-39 (x3)
    MAS 7.5 mm

    German tank platoon, on 2 eastern rows of hexes
    Panzer III Ausf. F. (x3)


    FR: You receive a Hotchkiss H-39.

    Germany: You receive a Panzer III.


    Germany has recently built a tank factory in the French countryside. The Germans are using forced laborers from a nearby camp to produce their tanks. The FR needs to liberate the camp and destroy the factory.

    11, 2.
    11 in west. Numbers should be at the bottom.


    Germany: Eliminate all French forces.

    FR: Destroy the factory. The FR can destroy the factory if they hold it uncontested for 3 turns. Check turns during the casualty phase.


    Germany sets up first

    Camp guards, set up in town (the town represents the labor camp)
    Mauser Kar (x4)—must always have at least 1 in the camp

    Factory guards, set up in factory
    Mauser Kar (x3)
    SS PAnzergrenadier

    Armored guards, row of half hexes between the maps
    Panzer III Ausf. F (x2)

    FR sets up on 2 eastern rows of hexes on map 2.
    FR Fighter (x7)
    P107 Half Track (x2)
    Hotchkiss H-39 (x3)

    Special Rules

    Keep track of how many turns the Germans control the factory uncontested. Every 7 turns they control it, place a PzKpfw IV Ausf. A  in the factory.

    When the FR liberates the camp, they receive a FR Fighter in the camp.


    FR: People from camp join the Resistance. You receive 4 FR Fighters.

    Germany: The factory is producing tanks. You receive 4 PzKpfw IV Ausf. A’s.

    Those are all the 1941 scenarios. When all are completed, move on to 1942, unless Germany won. I’ll try to get the 1942 scenarios up by Sunday.

  • 1942 SCENARIOS

    For 1942, you will need some WotC maps that can be found online. Thanks to Rebel for putting them in his Cartography thread, where it will be easier to find them.
    Also,you will need terrain tiles for some scenarios. I use Memoir 44 tiles, but if you don’t have those, there are some on the official site.


    On March 28, 1942, British commandos raided St. Nazaire. Their objective was to damage the drydock in St. Nazaire so the Tirpitz, a Bismarck-class battleship, would have to return to Germany for repairs. The raid was a success. However, some commandos never managed to escape.

    By this time, however, most of the landing craft had been sunk or set on fire and evacuation by sea was no longer possible. Although the main objective had been achieved, Lieutenant-Colonel Newman nevertheless was now determined to try and fight his way out into open country and so give all survivors a chance to escape.
      The only way out of the harbour area lay across a narrow iron bridge covered by enemy machine guns and although severely shaken by a German hand grenade, which had burst at his feet, Lieutenant-Colonel Newman personally led the charge which stormed the position and under his inspiring leadership the small force fought its way through the streets to a point near the open country, when, all ammunition expended, he and his men were finally overpowered by the enemy.

    Lt. Col. Newman was taken prisoner, and later awarded the Victory Cross.
    If the FR could help the survivors, maybe they could help the Resistance.

    Read more about St Nazaire here: http://www.historylearningsite.co.uk/raid_st_nazaire_1942.html
    Read the whole article about Lt Col Newman here:

    Dog-2, Best-1, and Dog-3.
    Dog-2 in south, then best-1, and then dog-3 in the north. Map names should be in SE corner.

    The maps can be found in Rebel’s cartography thread

    Or on the WotC site.

    The river is impassable, it can only be crossed on the bridge.


    FR:  Get the Inspiring Lieutenant off the north edge of the map to safety.

    Germany: Kill the Inspiring Lieutenant, Lt. Col. Newman.



    Setup on bridge
    MG 42

    Setup on two northern rows on Dog-2
    Mauser Kar (x2)

    Setup on two southern rows on Dog-3
    Mauser Kar (x2)


    French Resistsnce setup on two northern rows on Dog-3

    French Resistance Fighter (x4)

    UK setup on two southern rows on Dog-2
    SMLE Rifle (x2)
    Inspiring Lieutenant


    FR: UK soldiers help resistance and supply weapons. You receive 1 inspiring Lieutenant and 2 SMLE Riflemen.

    Germany: SS cracks down on the Resistance. You receive 1 SS Stormtrooper.


    The Luftwaffe is constructing an airfield in the French countryside. This would give them a closer airfield to England and air superiority in France.

    German player’s choice. Mark 3 hexes in open terrain in a straight line as the airfield. The airfield counts as open terrain.


    FR: Occupy the airfield uncontested and hold it for a full turn, OR kill the Pioneers.

    Germany: Finish construction of the airfield.

    At the end of each turn, each Pioneer in the airfield rolls a die. On a 6, construction progresses. When 5 6’s have been rolled throughout the whole game, the airfield is completed.


    Germany sets up in or adjacent to the airfield.

    Pioneers (x3)
    Mauser Kar 98k (x3)
    Luftwaffe Infantry (x3)

    FR sets up on the edge of the map.

    FR Fighter (x5)
    FCM 36


    FR: Large amount of oil found at the construction site. Give 1 tank the Vanguard SA.

    Germany: Airfield can base a squadron. You receive 3 Messerschmitt ME 110’s.


    The SS is increasing its forces in France. A company is being garrisoned in a barracks in the French countryside. The FR sees an opportunity to defeat the SS in a night raid, but the SS is prepared.

    German player’s choice. Place 3 adjacent large building hexes on open terrain. This is the barracks.


    Defeat all enemies.


    Germany sets up first in barracks.

    SS Panzergrenadiers (x6)

    FR set up on the edge of the map.
    P107 half track (x3)
    FR Fighter (x6)


    FR: Weapons found in barracks. You receive 1 MG42.

    Germany: SS has a strong presence in France. You receive 3 Panzergrenadiers.


    A German patrol is ambushed by the FR in the bocage.

    Bocage 1, bocage 3. 1 is in the west.

    The maps can be found in Rebel’s cartography thread.


    Defeat all enemies.


    German patrol sets up first on any hex with a road,except on the edge of the map.
    Panzer III Ausf. F. (x2)
    Opel Blitz
    Mauser Kar (x2)

    FR sets up on north and/or south edge of map
    Hotchkiss H-39
    FR Fighter (x7)


    FR: Your FR Fighters are veterans at hedge fighting. They all receive +1 to cover rolls for hedge for the whole battle.

    Germany: Patrol survives. You receive your choice of an Opel Blitz with 2 Mausers, OR a Panzer III.


    A German officer has plans for the production of a new German vehicle: the Wespe. If the FR could kill him, they could retrieve the plans. However, the officer is in a highly fortified German-occupied town.

    Bocage 2 and Bocage 1. Bocage 2 in the west.
    Found on Rebels cartography thread.


    Germany: Eliminate all French forces.

    FR: Kill the officer. Have one unit enter the hex he was killed in, and exit off the west edge of the map to safety.


    Germany sets up first

    German patrol sets up on first row in west in Bocage 1
    Opel Blitz
    Mauser Kar

    Setup anywhere on Bocage 2
    Mauser Kar (x4)

    Setup in town
    SS Haupsturmfuhrer (the objective)
    SS Panzergrenadier

    FR sets up on 2 eastern rows of hexes on Bocage 1
    FR Fighter (x9)


    FR: The FR has the plans to build a Wespe. You receive 1 Wespe.

    Germany: Factories produce Wespes. You receive 2 Wespes.

    Those are all the 1942 scenarios. Again, thanks to Rebel for keeping all the Wotc online maps in his cartography thread.

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    These are cool, thanks.

  • Could anybody tell me where to find the maps for the 1941 scenarios!



  • '18 Customizer

    The WotC site was taken down a few months back but the maps, scenarios and revised cards are archived here in pdf


    The revised cards can also be accessed and printed here on my aam card database:


  • Thanks for the answer!  :-)

    The maps in the scenario are:

    Map 1, 2, 3, 4, 11, 16

    I can´t figure out what they are!! :?


  • '18 Customizer


    Thanks for the answer!  :-)

    The maps in the scenario are:

    Map 1, 2, 3, 4, 11, 16

    I can�t figure out what they are!! :?


    I honestly don’t know his map scheme. I knew AARules from the forums but he hasn’t been around in a couple of years. He mentions map 16 had shell holes which makes me think he is referring to the larger 3" hex maps. The larger maps had numbers in the lower right hand corners. They were, starter set maps, North africa maps and eastern front maps. Sorry I couldn’t help more.

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