• Hey guys my friend and I are thinking about starting an alternate reality campaign, based on one major point which has reprecussions. France never fell, its leaders finally changed their strategy and went on the offensive against Germany, utilizing their superior forces. As they push into Germany Hitler  makes a desperate plea to Stalin for an alliance, convincing him the Western powers hate Communism as much as Fascism and will push into russia after they are done with Germany. Hitler also threatens to break off his alliance with Japan unles they send troops to aid the defense of the Fatherland, which they promptly do. Mussolini rejects the alliance with the USSR due to thei differing idealogies and joins the Western Allies, believing the Third Reich has lost its purpose.Skip ahead to 1943. The assault on Germany has stalled just after taking Berlin when a Russo-German-Japanese force  made a stand against the invaders. The fighting has bogged down in the countryside as towns are taken and retaken by both sides. However, President Roosevelt has convinced the wealthy elite of America that this is the time to wipe out Communism, the bane of their capilast way of life. They use their influence to sway Congress just enough for the US to enter the war. They immediately launch an asault against Japan in the Pacific and also send troops to aid Britain, France, and Italy.Russia sends reserve troops to aid Japan in the Pacific and Germany sends 3 token companies to “return the favor”. This is the seting for this campaign where we plan to play out battles to determine the war’s outcome.

  • Special Unit Rules

    The year for the Centurion Tank is 1943.
    All Shermans and Stuarts belonging to any faction now have a year of 1943.
    Russia cannot use any lend lease units such as the valentine tank or lend-lease half track.

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