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    I’m teaching a college course on games and I’d like to use my Global 1940 set. Unfortunately, I know from experience that played out of the box it will be far too long for our 2-hour class session. Would anyone be willing to design a setup that depicts a game in progress or a delayed start that would 1. give a good game experience for all players (US, UK, GE/IT, JP) and 2. allow a reasonable exposure to the game in 2 hours.
    Any takers? Please help!

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    Play the 1942 version of the setup,  http://smo63.fatcow.com/pdf/G42setup2013424.pdf

    It starts the game with most of the countries already at war.

  • I have 15 students in the class, so I’m running three tables: one with my old Milton Bradley set (intermediate), one with the university game lab’s A&A 1941 set (beginners), and one with 1940 Global (expert). I don’t expect to finish- I just want them to taste it….

  • Are you able to run it over multiple class sessions?

  • Technically, I could run it over multiple sessions but at the cost of something else. I’d prefer to stick to one class session.

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    When is the classroom session?

    Maybe we. Would find one of the really good tournament games and steal from its setup a few turns before it finishes.

    Else… 1942 scenario is a good call.

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    Man, a college course on gaming. Sweet. And you are using Axis & Allies to boot. This just sounds awesome to me.

    Just curious, do you have time to set everything up before class starts? Because setting up the Global 40 game could take a good 30 minutes even if you are fast at it and you mentioned you also have two other games to set up.

  • The class session will be (weather permitting) February 28 (about a week and a half). I should have time to set up- I get in to the office at 7:30 and class is at 10.

    If you’re interested in reading about my class, I’ve been blogging it at boardgamegeek.

  • Thanks for your input! I ran A&A (three different versions) today and it went pretty smoothly. I’m looking forward to trying the Global 1942 setup next time I play!

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